scouts in the uk
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30-01-2013, 03:38 PM (This post was last modified: 30-01-2013 04:06 PM by paulhe.)
scouts in the uk
I was just arguing a point on the evening post website how I think it disgusting that the Scout movement in the uk is very much still alligned with the church. I was a scout as a kid, and I was forced in to praying... my argument is that we should be stamping indoctrination out of this kind... can you follow the link? I'm "snow cadet", feel free to step in and destroy these blumin blinded idiots... I look forward to see some properly ideoligcal responces!

Here was the last responce (I just want to note I was a scout, forcibly by my god fearing parents!)

“SnowCadet it is a pity you were never in Scouting or you would have learnt to be much more tolerant and understanding. It is a world wide movement that has brought together young people of all countries, classes and creeds in peace and harmony for over a hundred years.It has helped them achieve their potential and embraced change. It is neither militaristic nor religious although it does expect members to profess a faith in accordance with it's Founders wishes. By the way Scouting is very active in Sweden so that possibly accounts for why it is "one of the most wonderful and peaceful places to be".

There are of course other youth organisations available to those who do not wish to take the Scout Promise, such as Woodland Folk or the First Aid organisations. Perhaps some people with similar views to yourself would give up their time and money to form an organisation more in keeping with your views, after all that is what Scouters have always done for other people's children.”
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30-01-2013, 10:36 PM
RE: scouts in the uk
There are a lot of kiddy fiddlers running scout groups ... well ok just a few ...

Scouts are great but like so many things in life they are tainted by religion.

I think if we can equip children to think critically for themselves and understand that lots of adults have unhelpful views about certain things (religion), we can allow them to participate in things that are essentially good and wholesome - like the scouts.

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