should I become a creator of worlds{if so how}
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17-04-2014, 01:17 AM
should I become a creator of worlds{if so how}
basically I would love to point out I lost my glasses... so if I am not making since tell me....but I am at a cross roads... I would love to scratch these mental itches I call my super niches... they are things that I would like there to be content on but can't find due to the fact they are ether rare or don't basiclaly I am going to have to make the stuff myself... problem where to start.... I would love to do everything but I know i can' is some examples of stuff I'd like to see...

1. something with the style of brutal doom meets nhello kitty
2. sci fi with magic content wize
3. a game with gun play and magic

i knoow that dosen't sound like a lot but I have teen projects for each and am barely squeaking by on my books as it is. mainly I need a change to something I can do that would put out said content... so my first idea would be to do youtube dramas.. any advise on this would help. I guess what I am asking is where to start onn a project that has so many jobs attached to it.

writer.... which I got down pat.....

voice actor.....


p.s. I am half blind till I find my glasses.... so It may take mea a while to answet

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