should I have a right to public
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29-05-2015, 08:59 PM
should I have a right to public
my dad just got mad at for walking to the kitchen... not through his room but to the kitchen.. I went there to get some things but as I pass through the up stairs door he says and I quote. "what .. no knock, knock..." as if to say that I am trespassing into his domain.. the thing is though... we had this exact same dynamic when he was down stairs.. he even installed a door bell... ins8kide the house.. so that when I went down I'd have to ring it.... this doesn't sound like a proble3m to you realize.. the laundry room is down stairs.... the kitchen is up stairs..... yes when he moved he took 100% up stairs... just like he did with the down stairs....besides that I can't move because guess who is over my money. why do I have to deal with this.

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