smash bros dlc suggestions???
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19-08-2016, 10:19 AM
smash bros dlc suggestions???
my best friend is buying me smash bros. he wants me to buy it and he wants me too buy beyonnetta and cloud strife... butt I want to through on some extra characters{preferably female badasses} and I want to pay for the right characters but I really haven't played some of these games... any suggestions on what to buy character wise... or even stage wise.

characters that i like mechanically so far...

1. little mac
2. beyonnertta{theme wise as well}
3. zero suit samus{theme wise as well}
4. sheik{theme wise as well}
5. samus{theme wise as well}
6. link
7. robin{theme wise as well}

p.s. this is from what I understand.. I still haven't played the game....

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