something I just read
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06-03-2010, 02:21 PM
something I just read
Well, I discovered the atheism, accidentley, 3 years ago thruogh this website:

Since the day I entered this website I visit it daily. Today I saw an article which I translated (I hope not so bad....) to English. It was written by S. in age of 16:

If there is a god, he is a bored being.
God decide, like that, in middle of his chaos, to create a world for him. He creates a place which will be interesting for him to watch and then create the mortal people, who are actually his game tools. Again, so he won’t be bored.
They tell you that god is examining your acts, watching you in every moment, is found in every place. I’m trying to think about the times I examine, so close, which ant is caring a crumb of bred. Yes. This is happening only when I’m bored
If there is a god, he is a control freak. .
God creates for him in the first place, so it’s written in the Torah, angels for him to serve. Then he creates the human beings that in fact are also his slaves, only in simpler way.
You came here, to the world, only for worship god and fill his wills. In those wills I include the prayer which we need to say 3 times a day. Yes. One time isn’t enough for him. He needs to hear our compliments, to fell he is perfect. Wants to hear our pleads, to remind him that in fact our fate is in his hands, and in the end of each prayer to hear the thank in our mouths, every king has to fell adored.
King is related with control to me. Obsession relates to me with disease, 3 times a day is an obsession.
If there is god, he is grasping being.
God demand a house to his divine spirit. He doesn’t satisfy only in the place he gave to himself in the first, in the sky. He wants also a place of honor, tabernacle, here, on earth.
The temple of god is a beautiful building, made of the finest materials, designed by the greatest artists. As befits a king's residence. When it comes to the place of living of god there is no such thing as abstemious, everything has to be spectacular, extroverted and worth a fortune.
As with all a king's palace, God needs servants strengthen the structure also. Levies that enjoy him with their play. Cohen’s to take charge of the sacrifices. He could, for example, to clean the remnants of the victim after he ate it. No. This is the work of servants.
I will add and say that god is very fanatic for his own respect. He expects that no house more beautiful than his will rise. And yes, he asks us to make our houses uglier by leave non-plastered square in the doorway, only because only his house is perfect.
A visit in his house tells everything.
If there is thing like god, he is nosy being.
God is intervenes and forces himself above the humanity, in that he decides what he allowed to do and what he’s not.
Eating which is a very simple act is forbidden to us in different situations. It is only left the he will determine the hours we will eat our dinners. Oh, he already did that in Sabbath dinners.
Clothes which cover the genitals of the person, even to them he'll take care of. He will not allowed man wearing clothes of a woman and woman will not wear clothes of a man. Just because he doesn’t thinks it looks good. He orders the men to wear a head covering. Just because he feels like always to be remembered, by placing a piece of cloth on the head.
Now, things between him and her. God enters the privacy of the couple and determine them when they can have sex and when not. Moreover, he commands the existence of intercourse every time the woman was no longer Nida.
When I'll ask a couple about their sex life I will be seen as nosy and rude. So why when God does it, it's okay?
If there is such a God, then the being isn’t so good as they say about him.
And if there is such a God, I would dare and say that he is even a bad being.

Naturaly, most of the things written about is from the Judaism, but I hope everyone, including those who didn't come from Jewish environment, can relate to the things which is written.

your thoughts and comments.
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06-03-2010, 05:34 PM
RE: something I just read

First off, I'm not sure if you know the fact that the three major religions in the world (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) are all based off the same doctrine (the Old Testament). A lot of what was mentioned in the article you translated (good job, by the way Smile) are things I read in the Old Testament so, yes, anyone who has read the Old Testament can relate.

It is a wonder that people still believe in these writings. Although I have seen it mentioned many times from different sources that humankind naturally propagated towards religion, it troubles me that, after all we have learned, that people STILL follow it's backwards teachings.

Yes, theists will say "that was back then, we don't do those things today"...the problem is with the INTERPRETATION of what is said in the bible, torah, qu'ran, etc. I think religious people feel 'empowered' by their belief, like they 'know something' we don't (trust me, I feel like I know a heck of a LOT more than most religious people, hence my atheism). Maybe that's why they don't want to drop it.

Or maybe it is fear...or maybe it is Pascal's Wager..who knows. I would love to hear a theist's reasoning behind it.

Although, since we have a few theists on this forum, here's a question I pose to them...

Since most of you ask 'what would it take to convert an atheist back to religion (be it Islam, Christianity, or Judaism)' I ask the follow question:

"What would it take for you to abandon your belief and become either agnostic or atheist (out of fairness, I have given you both choices)".

I await your honest, open response. Smile
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06-03-2010, 11:47 PM
RE: something I just read
I think I'm aware that the 3 monotheist religions (not " the 3 major" because as far as I know-more people believe in Budhism or Hinduism than in Judaism...) are based on the old testament-in Israel the religious doesn't stop mentioning this fact to "proove" Judaism is better than Islam, Christianity or any other religion......the reason I wrote that I'm not sure about whom is going to relate the article, becuase there are things from the Halacha, which I'm 99% sure nobody here ever read (me neither, by the way, but I know things since the atheists here talk a LOT about it....)

to tell you the truth-I'm not surprise that people still believe in those writings. this is far more conviniante way to live than ours. If you have a problem-go to the rabbie. if you have a question-go to the rabbie. if you have doubts-go to the rabbie. who doesn't want someone from out side tells you how to dill with your every-day problems? it's easy, very easy. far more than that- you have in the bible instructions to every situation in life- birth, death, merrige, divorce, eat, sleep, learn, war, have instructions how to live your life before you even born!!!!
to us, it is more difficult. we need to trust our heart and our mind when we're dilling with our problems. we need to THINK before we do something. thinking is an act not everybody can do....

very good question, I must say.
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