something I just read
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06-03-2010, 11:47 PM
RE: something I just read
I think I'm aware that the 3 monotheist religions (not " the 3 major" because as far as I know-more people believe in Budhism or Hinduism than in Judaism...) are based on the old testament-in Israel the religious doesn't stop mentioning this fact to "proove" Judaism is better than Islam, Christianity or any other religion......the reason I wrote that I'm not sure about whom is going to relate the article, becuase there are things from the Halacha, which I'm 99% sure nobody here ever read (me neither, by the way, but I know things since the atheists here talk a LOT about it....)

to tell you the truth-I'm not surprise that people still believe in those writings. this is far more conviniante way to live than ours. If you have a problem-go to the rabbie. if you have a question-go to the rabbie. if you have doubts-go to the rabbie. who doesn't want someone from out side tells you how to dill with your every-day problems? it's easy, very easy. far more than that- you have in the bible instructions to every situation in life- birth, death, merrige, divorce, eat, sleep, learn, war, have instructions how to live your life before you even born!!!!
to us, it is more difficult. we need to trust our heart and our mind when we're dilling with our problems. we need to THINK before we do something. thinking is an act not everybody can do....

very good question, I must say.
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