[split] Satanism and Ritualism
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18-06-2014, 11:36 AM
[split] Satanism and Ritualism
(18-06-2014 11:27 AM)Mr. Slave Wrote:  
(18-06-2014 11:14 AM)Taqiyya Mockingbird Wrote:  "I'm a Satanist, but it's not really Satan, it's Lucifer, oh but no, Promethius, Phosphorus, Earendel, Shukra, al-Kutbay and Hesperus too...and we're hedonists but not really hedonists, and we're absurdists but we don't really notice the absurdity of our own position, blah blah blah..."

And you call ME the one with a reading comprehension problem. Thumbsup
Hobo Laughat

Oh crap, I thought it would take at least a month to meet a troll on this forum but oh well. Shit happens
OH, and now the pussy resorts to whining. How cute.

Some Big Scary Badass Satanist. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Hobo Laughat

[Image: f50.gif]

It's Special Pleadings all the way down!

Magic Talking Snakes STFU -- revenantx77

You can't have your special pleading and eat it too. -- WillHop
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