suggestions how to respond to a newly brain washed oldest sibling?
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10-06-2016, 07:45 PM
RE: suggestions how to respond to a newly brain washed oldest sibling?
(08-06-2016 04:00 PM)Ruby Wrote:  
(08-06-2016 08:06 AM)Iñigo Wrote:  Does he have children? If he does, ask him if god asked him to kill one of his children would he do it? In the unlikely event that he says yes, ask him which one and how would he do it? I think making xtians really come to terms with the visuals of this can be really eye opening about how utterly fucked up this passage is and how it is so promoted as a virtuous example of following god's commands no matter what.

yes, he has 4 from 2 marriages. had 3 marriages altogether! his current wife is from a wealthy family, who he has 2 children. he easily gets emotionally hijacked. his first 2 kids to 1st wife are now 21 and 19 now. both despise him. little wonder. they were treated as verbal abuse bags! his even shouted in rage at his current kid, who is 4, for not eating, 'DO YOU WANT TO FEEL MY WRATH!'
please comment on my proposed writing to him
Ask him how he can have 3 different wives when the Bible states rather clearly that marriage is a binding of two souls that is eternal and wont it be awkward when all 4 of them are hanging out together for eternity then tell him to have fun with his little cult and go on your merry way.

Also personal note, and no offense to you intended, but fuck parents that act like that.

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11-06-2016, 09:50 PM (This post was last modified: 12-06-2016 02:10 AM by Ruby.)
RE: suggestions how to respond to a newly brain washed oldest sibling?
yes, but that would be so confrontational, personal and surely finish our plesant conversing relationship.

update- this saturday, he and his family came over to my mother's for lunch. Sitting to my left and at the start of meal, he said to my kids who were sitting on my right, "(personal names)...I will pray for yourselves on your behalf" and prayed along with his wife. Said, this knowing a disapproved of encouraging my children to pray pre meal as well.

Near end of meal, I told them how my kid was so smart now, asking smart questions that I had to look up, when reading a children's book on our solar system. My kid asking,'what makes the world go round' , when l told them that the world spins round and around the sun. His wife "joked" with a half laugh,'god did it!' and my brother backed it up,'everything is made by god' I reckon I will msg him something like:
"I thought about what you said, about god creating the whole universe. there are ~200-400 billion galaxies, each with ~100+ billions of stars / suns (many with planets rotating) just in our universe, there is ~5x more stars than grains of sand in the universe. In our spec of dust, earth, before reaching 5, 9 million innocent children (many times more since most births go unregistered in poor countries), die per year, ~24,000 a day, 1,000 an hour, ~17 per minute. They're not just numbers, but somebody's child. Die from "natural" causes, UNICEF.
Thats a 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami tragedy, (killed over 230K ppl in 14 countries), every 9-10 days, but killing only innocent children under 5, many of their parents and family religious, praying to gods incl all interpretations of yaweh, christian god, for lessening of pain, agony, suffering and mercy on their child, prayers not answered.
Diarrheal diseases (such as cholera) kill more children than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined, making it the second leading cause of death among children under five
Every 10mins someone dies of malaria, ~ 6 babies or children < 5 dies of starvation a minute, babies born with abnormalities, deformities, extreme indescribable gross deformities. Animals in world savage each other and even their young, and you believe in an all powerful, all 'loving' god. Storms, earthquakes, natural disasters kill many more"
add anything else? to show the absurdity of his comment?
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