super jesus
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14-08-2013, 10:32 PM
super jesus
psychology is apparently the most complicated science, if it is a science, or study anyways. There are so many thousands of aspects, dealing with behavior, perception, personality, and the brain. psychology touches on all of life really, including the parts we like to deny and avoid. Especially, that is where the real power is, and that's why I like people like Tim Burton.

Now well I left xianity but I still have contacts on my skype, etc. I see things now, I see the matrix much better. One lady has written on her skype, child of a king, daugher of the most high, more than a conquerer.

everything with christianity is grandiose. With most religions in fact, i"m sure. maybe it gives the losers, the defeated in wars, a chance to suppose they are in fact the winners. The meek shall inherit the earth. Probably the meek and weak are the ones who delude themselves into thinking they have powerful allies and a glorious future in store.

I'm realizing the importance of having a fighting spirit, courage and the ability to risk pain and endure pain. I mean real world valor is what I am going for now, and it helps to harness one's sexual energy for this purpose, and all one's physical resources, but do so for use in this world, not some supposed other world, which is an escape mechanism, a delusion, an avoidance mechanism. If you are going to employ such a mechanism, might as well go all out, grandiose. It's kind fo the same for me, when I watched Xmen, I couldn't help imagining I was one of the super heroes with super powers but even at the time I knew it was stupid. I guess my brain was too weak. It feels like the world or the powers and rulers of the world want to colonize our brains or my brain. I don't know which of my thoughts are my own but anyways people in the christian circles are not present in this world. They view Jesus as some super human power. They view The Lord as this mysterious ruler or landowner whose whims and will we must adhere to or we will be evicted from the earth. He is the landlord of the garden of eden and also the fallen world. Then there is God, who is always watching. He is our conscience. I think maybe we put our own personality into the personality of our God. WHen someone speaks of God and his will, lke my dad, it's helpful to not reject or rebuff him but not identify with what he's saying either. just listen like he has a mental disorder, take pity on him even. They talk of god as if he is a person, and I mean the most high alpha male who has so much power he must be submitted to. All men are submissive before the god they believe in, which is why atheism is so powerful. The only alpha males or dominant males are the ones which really exist in this world. Atheism at least for me makes me more present to the actual world, it is scary. Then I have to be responsible for this life, for my life. Then I have to learn to take what I want. Then I learn truth isnt the only virtue or value or the most high, but also power and feeling, because with power one can take control of a thing even if based on lies. One needs to learn to take in this world. but religion really preys on the mind, and on the imagination and gullibility of people, and fears, and also the social pressure or social proof, and it creates community and unity of diverse people. no wonder it is so powerful. I used to think the religious churchgoers had the special knowledge and a fix on life. I thought this because in part I looked at their opposites. It is true that there are so few real thinkers out there today who are in touch with the world, people like willie nelson and james hetfield and the stoics and cynics and epicures and the like. I want all my cords to be broken. it can be a painful process. exposing disorder is always a painful process, and that is why mental pain is necessary but it works, it gets the job done in the end, and what is christianity but a disorder. but I realized in the car today as I'm feeling like such a prisoner, that I am free in my beliefs. I want all the cords cut and chains. first step is clearing out the bs but that's not enough. one must also build defenses and protections for survival in the real world. one needs a replacement. I find order making ability to be the best replacement. having a purpose is a great start, because it is an element of what is necessary to create order, as is work ethic and intelligence and initiative. Religion kills and redirects initiative. Belief is a process of the mind that is very interesting. It is interesting how religion uses music. Uses a select view of history. uses social pressure. I should do an accounting of the cost of religion, in terms of stupid wars (there are wise wars in my view), and stupid crusades and stupid rituals and stupid lost sex opportunities, and stupid everything. haha at the local restaurant of town, the nice one, I saw this fat priest character. I'm sure he's a friend of my uncle. they all know each other. he was really fat. why was he wearing his getup in that place on tuesday night?

My estimation is that religion is a childish pasttime, it is a thing for children of any age, for with maturity of the mind, religious belief disappears. that is why most germans are not religious and luther even went towards rationality away from catholic superstition. I think given enough time and modern science luther would have probably gone all the way. he was smart. But I think most people don't leave religion because they don't have a problem with it, in their life. FOr me it created problems, because I tried to live it 100 percent and I recognize how much it stole from me. what I follow I do 100 percent, and so when I abandon a thing, I abandon it 100 percent. I walk the path and having walked it I can advise and mentor those who have yet to walk it. I have a lot of work to do, and I need people who can show me the path in this regard. what is better than a blow job? A job! what is better than sex? Work! I think this world is being ruled by children of different ages that the baby boomers are mostly children, and the reason it is ruled by children is that democracy is the leading world system, where everybody gets a vote. also technology spares us from so much "natural evil" which is actually not evil but good because it keeps us all sharp. Jesus was evil because he makes us weak and degenerate. He perverts our thinking. I reject jesus because he rejected me, being gentile and not jew or israeli. Verily, seeing they do not see, hearing they do not hear. Is the bible just one judeo hebrew hoax for us gentiles? I am so interested in gullibility and lie sciences these days, how lies affect a person and society and how they are propogated, and legends too. It was the founding fathers of the US that ushered in a democracy albiet a limited one and they set the stage for the crazy reality that is now occuring. I noted before that people quote the founding fathers as if they are religious prophets or gods, and the constitution as if it's a bible. why does our culture choose certain things that are sacred and other things profane or ignored or whose existence is denied or minimized? I have always tended towards certain questions. hopefully as I mature my thinking will mature and flower and blossom but I need my own house and income security and I need a girlfriend one of these years. but I see how the religious think- they are like children in their imaginary beliefs, their grandiosity. the jews especially in this, as much as any born again christian. you could say religion is for the dumb but some people may be born and live in strict cultures or families where there is a lot of social pressure. social pressure can be a hard thing to break or go against. It is not easy to be a free spirit.. but it is harder even to be a slave if one has the lust for freedom inside one.
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