tao te ching
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03-01-2012, 04:17 PM
tao te ching
There's a Christian influence in the titling - I don't capitalize shit that's real. Big Grin

God is the stuff of monotheism and god of pantheism; I am an atheist in that god is not the truth but rather a truth. And most definitely not a truth needing to be inflicted on others.

What I am inflicting on others is a story of time. It is equally correct to say I began with tao and I began with Gwyneth; in both cases the concept of linear time is conflicted. Junior High brought me to a class where there was a test I aced with zero understanding of the material. That material was the tao te ching, first time those three words entered my vocabulary. What is real about tao te ching? Both the title and the first line of that book remain true; can't beat that. Big Grin

And of course there ain't no me without my Gwynnies; that's just crazy talk. Wink

In terms of beyond the self, considering tao as the essence of motion has led to more than a few hypotheses; all of which factor into the monsterpiece Pure Number. Chapter 42 seeded that beanstalk, one which reaches beyond the frontiers of science and seems to be more like science than string theory. Big Grin

I am a naive philosopher; I'm always writing stuff. The tao is fundamental to me, my writings of tao have lead others to consider tao te ching, many others consider it in philosophical and mathematical terms, no religion is required, nothing is mandated, and no one is harmed.

living word
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