tell me how to support atheism
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12-08-2011, 11:35 PM
RE: tell me how to support atheism
(27-07-2011 09:08 AM)robotworld Wrote:

Here's the court case Smile
Some people are just... nevermind.
Haha!! This... And the Malays ended up burning Churches... So full of shit. Making a big fuss out of a small matter.
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14-08-2011, 08:20 AM
RE: tell me how to support atheism
it is a hard thing to really talk about since were not in your situation its about you to be fair, are you willing to speak out? as in are you not afraid of the consiquences?

if your not speak out as much as you can and want in my personal opinion, i mean back when rasicism was around well was classed as social exceptable in America people still spoke out, its all about what you decide to do bro.

welcome to the forums by the way. Smile

"In real life , as opposed to that happy, clappy, rainbow fantasy world that you see fit to fly through´╗┐ on your winged unicorn of delusion" - Mitchell and Webb
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14-08-2011, 08:59 AM
RE: tell me how to support atheism
Atralheaven: I can't believe I didn't actually read this thread properly. I understand how you feel as I am in the same situation, but less dangerous. I'm from Malaysia, born Muslim and is bound to the Shariah Laws here.

I just started a thread wishing Happy Ramadhan (read through it) as I still fast during Ramadhan although I am now atheist. I was also describing my situation here in Malaysia.

I do have is a blog, which does not insult religion directly (but has so a bit), but instead publishes articles for educational purposes. The website addresses the common misconceptions made by laypeople on the subject.

I try to balance out the types of articles. There are some which does relates to creation-science disagreements such as Evolution, ethics on circumcision and ethics on cloning, and there are those which completely doesn't such as martial arts, karate and coming soon on the internet. Another coming soon article, which doesn't directly hit religious beliefs are on superstitions - about how sill they are. Although I will not be touching God here, the idea applies.

This is how I plan to do it as I do not plan to hide my identity. My website accepts articles from anyone, so if you are interested in writing some I'll be more than happy.

I do not wish for people to think of this blog as anti-religious or atheistic but rather just factual - which in essence is atheistic,in a sense. That's the approach I'm using.

I too would be in trouble if people report me to the Islamic bodies that I actually am atheist. The problem is I already have presented myself clearly as an atheist to a lot of my non-Muslim friends and some of my Muslim friends, where one of which is very religious who even labelled me an atheist although I did not say it myself. So I already am at risk. It is unlikely for me to be killed here, but I could be put to jail.

Do you know of Maryam Namazie? She is a Human Rights activist and ex-Muslim atheist from Iran. Maybe you could try contacting her about your situation? - since you're Iranian as well.
Oh and just to add to that, I only know of 3 ex-Muslim atheist (personally, not from the internet) where two of which are Iranians, the other is Malaysian. The Malaysian was very pro-atheist because of his passion towards science who really questions the existence of god, which I think he wasn't even aware that he was atheist. But recently he was saying to me that maybe it is safer to just believe - Pascal's Wager. Then the last I heard from his brother that he is starting to be more religious and that we shouldn't mention about to him... That was odd... I doubt this claim.

The 2 Iranians were studying with me in Malaysia. One of them was the one who introduced Richard Dawkins to us. He is very knowledgeable one.
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