the 2 hour talk with parents
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05-12-2013, 10:09 AM
RE: the 2 hour talk with parents
I think to keep in mind that your parents believe (I'm assuming, as you didn't specify which religion they are) that if you don't eventually "succumb to faith" that you'll burn in hell forever and ever and ever. Honestly, the only way they are probably able to process your deconversion and discuss it with you calmly, is to convince themselves that you will eventually believe as they do again.
It's so awesome that you're confident and brave enough (and also speaks to the relationship you have with your parents) to be open with them about it. I always try to keep in mind, when it comes to situations like this, that the parents love their child SO much. And however deluded they are, they believe that their child's eternal life is at stake. For them, loving their child and wanting their child to believe as they do are one in the same because otherwise they're accepting the fate that their child will burn in hell and no loving parent could do that.
You've handled it perfectly thus far. Just try to keep in mind, when talking to them about the subject of religion, that although they may sound like they're coming from a condescending or judgmental place, they're ultimately coming from a place of (misguided) love.
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