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the growing f they the lessining or compassion
True, you didn't say it was as simple as that. What I meant to say was, that we, as a species, have been fascinated with pain (more with that of others than our own) for pretty much as long we've been here. And to me finding out why this is, is not only extremely interesting, but also the solution to the problem. After all, it's better to cure the illness, not simply treat the symptoms.

And yeah, to me at least, lack of compassion (be it in huge groups or in individuals) is one of the greatest problems of our species.
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(12-12-2012 10:37 AM)Peterkin Wrote:  How are baby soldiers trained?
What behaviour is "unacceptable" in what circumstances? In whose judgment is it unacceptable?
Does popular culture have any influence on a people's acceptance or rejection of bahaviours, their perception of other groups, their classification of "in" and "out" and/or their attitude toward the "out"?

I didn't say any of this was as-simple-as; merely suggesting first steps toward a solution.... if lack of compassion in large groups is considered a problem at all.
Child soldiers are trained in extreme and dire areas of the world. Comparing a violent video game to the war criminals in Africa is ridiculous.

Society dictates what is acceptable and what is not. Lack of compassion is not only considered a problem, but it would be detrimental to society. As I have said, violent video games and violent cinema are not causes of the proposed problems.
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(12-12-2012 10:44 AM)Logica Humano Wrote:  As I have said, violent video games and violent cinema are not causes of the proposed problems.

Yea, you're pretty much right. Although, I think that it's just a matter of getting the right (or wrong, rather) mind into those video games and you'll have a serial killer mentality on your hands.
Same thing with religions as well - convince a mentally unstable individual of a certain worldview and they take it to a different level and create their own fanatical system.
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