the projection game
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16-03-2014, 02:36 PM
the projection game
I have an aunt{that wil remain nameless} and if I talk with her about certain subject.... I.E. evolution,god, technology, the death of cable, or any new technology she argues with me the hole time. the thing is i realized that much of her couter points are just her project her reality on me....

for example
1. evolution=your just listening to a bunch of random people and not verifying the real truth.
2. death of cable=you just want this to be so bad that your advocating for it./ people will never switch to streaming because they are two lazy to get up and restart a movie every 30 minutes.
3. gods existence= your just afraid of the truth.

for one.... the first two have been known by most people for a really long time. evolution is a true scientific theory and the cable companies are slowly bleeding customers and money over time due to streaming

buttt...... this brings up two issues that I think need to be adress.

a. how much of an options arguments is projections
b. the aging population and future shock. I mean my aunt is afraid of things changing but I'm more afraid that her whole reality is going to be swept out from under her feet and she might do something.

so whats your thoughts on these things. also what should i do about my aunt.

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