the truth comes out
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03-04-2013, 02:59 PM
the truth comes out
My grandparents just found out that I am atheist, and it went sort of well. However, if I was going to give advice in the future to someone getting ready to come out of the void of secrecy, u should not start a argument for ur case; if is blasphmous to them. I mean, lets be honest. There is plenty of time to bash on religous dogma, but thats not a good time to do it. So here are something THEY argued for there dogmatic case.

1. If scientist know so much about the world and its people, then why do scientist still not know how the brain works? my answer: I am n pyschology, so I am learning how it works. It most cases, we know a lot, but not everything. Think of it this way, if scientist know everything, they would stop. xD BUT, there is a huge difference between the brain and mind. Either way, God's not the answer.

2. The free will arguement. Free will exist........ because free will exist. xD
not worthy of my pompes response....

Now here is my quesion to that: How do u believe in free will if u believe that good will win over evil? That sujest a pre-consived writing for the future, but not free will. idk if free will exist, but I have the freedom in the u.s. to believe what I want.

Over all, we still seem to get along. We just agreed to not speak of r own regilous or anti-reglious sentiments around each other for peace.
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