this is important please help
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16-10-2011, 08:58 PM (This post was last modified: 16-10-2011 09:19 PM by latvianxave8.)
this is important please help
Actually it isn't that important, but I remember reading on this forum a while back that in the UK there was a study done that shown that marijuana healed/regenerated brain cells, that parkinsons, alzeimers, and multiple-sclerosis patients can use weed to slow down the effects of this disease.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a URL talking about this study?

this post in particular:

(03-05-2011 05:08 AM)Filox Wrote:  Ah, finally a nice theme for me. And first I have to say, Stark Raving you are very wrong. Cannabis is the most researched plant on this planet, there is over 20,000 studies on various effects/uses of the plant. To be honest, this is the first time I hear of this fact, but there are other facts I knew a long time ago that goes together with this fact.

There was a research in Britain about cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke. So they took 4 groups, cigarette smokers, marijuana smokers, mixed smokers and non-smokers. After a few years the result was that the cigarette smokers have higher cancer risk, but that the marijuana smokers have the same risk for getting cancer as the non-smokers. And then the most interesting of them all came the mixed group, they also had the same risk of getting (lung) cancer as the non-smokers. That gave me an idea that the marijuana cancels the negative effect that the tobacco has on your lung, it protects them. I wasn't far from the truth. An also about brain damage, complete bullshit, in reality it is the opposite thing, marijuana helps brain to regenerate cells and as such it can help you with Parkinson, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis... Also, couple of months after you stop smoking, you body is clean as you never smoked in your life, meaning that marijuana does not leave any permanent damage to your body, only temporary side effects. Unfortunately I don't have time right now we will have to continue this tomorrow.

I was always saying that this is the holly plant, able to cure the most dangerous illness... If you want God, there it is, in the joint.

Fight the system,

~~~but don't mute the opposition!~~~
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