to you what would you say the difference vttwwen the powers of......
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21-03-2015, 03:33 PM
to you what would you say the difference vttwwen the powers of......
i was actually thinking about how certain types of warriors are portrayed in modern media. thinking about this though I think I see things the sort of the same way a lot people do in the following types of warriors listed below I was just wanted to compare notes with how other people perceive how these characters powers work and see if their is any resemblance to the original myths at all...{that last one I am watching some youtube documentaries for.}

so without father a due here are my views on the certain types of powers work...

1, the wizard switch or magic user= natural thought of ether as very bookish character or archetype... they seem to enjoy learning.. just not about science. to me to say a magic user purely drawls power from themselves is maybe an over used cleshay. I think any good magic user draws from the energy around him or her. thus they probably would recharge quicker than the other types. they are not very physical active thus they probably will not focus on hand to hand{unlike a show like fairy tale that within the first few episode claims wizards are not physical but then has them using their fist. still a good show and I kike the way there portrayed better.} the thing is though the may have a wide variety of abilities than any other if the folksinging types.
ninja{that use powers}= unlike the magic user. ninjas usually specialize in one or two types of things.. basically their theme. very rarely do they become jacks of all trades. the instead of drawing from the energies around them build up there on energies within by training. this makes them well, balanced between physical and mental. thus they have become proficient. Also more physically durable
lastly the alchemist= basically the magic user that ether treats magic like science or combines the two. Is real good art crafting or in some cases enchanting things.

P..s. the real reason i am punting this here is to collect notes but i am taking in inspiration, you guys have already helped me ,any times over so that's not whats needed. I was just wanting two things. a good interesting talk on how would go about these characters/classes making and to see what kind if myth people would make out of combing these myths,

1. Striding and swaggering rootlessness without end. The precious flow of life.
2. one should fear sweet a blood stained flower.
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