tokyo ghoul vs morality
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20-03-2016, 09:46 PM
Rainbow tokyo ghoul vs morality
I had a hard time picking which category to put this in.. the thing is I have been watching this show called tokyo ghoul and I think it can raise a tough question of morality.. for example.. If the ghouls are our heroes.. then what makes them so and us humans not... or who do you route for... the villains o want to exterminate the ghouls or are heroes that probably wouldn't mind devouring a baby quite literally.... it makes you think... our heroes are the worlds villein's and I think that makes a good show. I think I want to look into some philosophies on morality now... just to see what and study on them.. any suggestions on what I should pick up... ty.. and whats your opinion on tokyo ghouls and morality...

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