too much is never enough
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11-11-2011, 02:23 AM
too much is never enough
Perhaps it is an American sentiment...

I remember the days of being "tripmaster general." This was actually a post of responsibility, that if one of our crew were to introduce a n00b to LSD, that one would accompany the n00b as TG for the first experience. That'll be zero "bad trips" during the lifetime of that crew, to my knowledge...

And the day (week?) after, sitting in the big ol' armchair; tripmaster general, 4 functioning brain cells. Thinking, yeah this is life; and life is fucking good. LSD, however... perhaps it just gets old. My second to last trip, I named myself ellenjanuary - the single "great" moment of my "pre-Gwynnies" existence - most days, ya won't get me to admit I'm older than 11...

The last time was in college, the first time integration came up. In high school, integration gave me shit; but calculus class was fifth period, after lunch (and a doob in the smoking area) so I was awake like 4 times. (Yeah, that dang 4 follows me everywhere... there was also 4 fridays of my senior year; I was a full-time closer (illegal) at Mickey D's and I worked Sunday-Thursday, which was payday. Friday was usually "wake up at noon, continue where I left off..." Senior year - partied like a Big Dog - hardly remember it - know it was Fun) Just so happened I came home from college that day and my buddy was like, I got some blue blotter...

I was like WTF? About all I remember of that, there were ten problems of integration that took me an hour to do and check - there was no problem integrating...

"Mind-expanding experience?" I don't think so. When my love of Gwyeth Paltrow demanded expression - and drawing her portraits made me insane (Tongue) - the new form of expression was theology that actually began with philosophy: saying "Gwyneth Paltrow is my god" says exactly nothing, saying "Gwyneth Paltrow is god" is asking a question of the universe; and another 4, of course.

During the course of Gwynnite, there was interaction over teh netz about the nature of god and religion; where a recurring theme was, "what is the connection between god and mind altering substances?" From there, I believe I stumbled over a "universal truth." Drugs are not "mind-expanding" so much as "stupid-making;" whereas stupid is dysfunctional in industry, stupid is the place to be, to be with god. God is not "Almighty Great" - that's absurd - God is "Infinitesimally Small" - there is no other option. We, as humans, are infinitesimal on the universal scale; God (as creator god and a product of my American upbringing where YHWH was illogically reduced to 3) as Creator, to be in all of us, must be that much smaller...

There is a test to validate said hypothesis. Take a sheet of paper; this would be "the human," how many sheets would be God, the Infinite? And nearly everybody goes, "Infinite, you fool!" Because they didn't study calculus, probably; but hey, this is the post quantum era, there is another direction... rip the paper in half.

Know how God gets associated with 7, and 6 is for the other guy? Perhaps I'm just weak, but I ripped a sheet in half 6 times, called that hypothesis - valid. Big Grin

Think of it. Zero. The God that Is, is so much closer to 1 human than infinity; infinity is simply not worth considering. Especially seeing how zero is the mirror of infinity in mathematical terms, and we, as "image of god" are the mirror of God in human terms. I am an atheist -perhaps no other flaps the gums about YHWH like this fool - but that is simply my identity. Atheist.

John Cantor is a Nobody. I like it that way. One thing Johnny can do, however, is write. This writing began with the consideration that nearly all treads on this forum end with a "houseofcantor;" but only after the better part of fourteen hours was spent here this day...

Thus, this "meaningless drivel" that ends in a moral. Don't be afraid to tell me to shut my hole. The reasoning of my posting here and at TJ's place is entirely valid (and I endeavor to be entertaining and topical), but it ain't my forum. TTA is our forum - and I can only say that 'cause Stark Raving is stark-raving-awesomeness. Wink

Be well. I'm off to check TJ's before I rest my neck for the day...

living word
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