tow quetsions about the mind
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07-01-2013, 06:50 AM (This post was last modified: 07-01-2013 07:17 AM by kunoxian drive.)
tow quetsions about the mind
me and my aunt Dian had a small discussion.{oh heck have been having said discussion for five years now.} about basically she thinks that any none christian media or heck entertainment made after a certain point will pollute your mind and to a certain extent that may be true but i don't think that is that it's entertainment that she should worry about. i think and I haven't told her this. that with religion she has already done so by the misuse of science and false facts she fills her head with. so that leads to my first questioner what should you fill your head with and what would be considered mental pollution to you guys.

my other question comes form the fact I found this blog where this guy is literally trying to become a bimbo by watching entertainment news and stuff of said nature. now I know this may sound weird but I think that he may succeed in a minute way there but i am no brain scientist. the thing is I heard from several people that have successfully changed the way they have been perceived and they claimed by changing there mind by proxy of what they put into it. so I'd like to see what you guys think if that.

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