virtual tourism????
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22-02-2016, 08:55 AM
virtual tourism????
I am kind of in an argument with myself... you see I am thinking about paying someone to do a virtual tour of certain places for me. kind of a video with multiple tracks that do differing things... the reason I want to do this is it's cheaper than actually going... but the thing is I can sort of already do that without payong.. thus the argument with myself.. for example there are videos of fox village{a place I defly want to visit}... the thing is they are not in depth enough. the reason I don't like this, is the same reason there are not second person shooters.... except take that concept and miniaturize it to just.. 'hay and btw we did. an you didn't.".. just talking about what people did and a couple photos will not work for me.
places I want to go/ thigs I want done... below. each would have an rifftrack.. regular track so I can hear whats happening.... and a subject track.. just o the video doesn't get boring...

1. japan
2. A. maid caffee hoping{just interviews nothing creepy}
3. B. a samurai/ninja museum
4. C. geisha stuff{tea saramoni and all
5. D. ninja/kunoichi
6. E. fox village{including mythology track}
7. F. shrines{including mythology track}
8. G. cat island/shrine{including mythology track}
9. H. wolves=???{including mythology trrack}
10. I. spring in japan
11. J. geek the ghibly/gundam mueseume.. other geeky/otalu spots.
12. britan/england{no clue
13. salem=for all the witch stuff/myths track/actual fact track}

p.s. the question is.. how would i go about bringing this about... ty....

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