virus of the mind and brain
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15-07-2013, 12:44 PM
virus of the mind and brain
What's the plural of virus? Virii? Damn if they don't know how to reproduce, damn if they don't know how to stick inside your mind! This is my and our biggest threat today I think as a culture, race, nation, society, planet, person. I can reject and eject a lot of nonsense. It is especially easy when you get offline and go to the mountains, live in a traditional community, a little village as it seems best suits our true natures or at least mine. But damn both the city and the internet are virus headquarters. these places always make me unhappy especially the internet. going on it is like running a labyrinth, but i need to get the treasure.

Viruses include religious doctrines, various other world views, like marxism, which is designed to appeal to the masses, any form of such thing, but especially worse than such viruses of the mind, because they affect even critical thinkers, is the virus of the brain, like pornographic images, various junk music, I mean the real sticky stuff, which one is almost helpless towards, also found on television. it ruins the moods, the attitudes, if it hits. To think, there are actually people designing, promoting these viruses for their own personal profits. they are parasites no matter individual or as part of international capitalism, communism or zionism. evolution was for humans never a solo affair, but also part of a group or race. I guess groups bond together and fight for their own survival when threatened by a more different group, so for example, in theory the german tribes band together to fight for their survival against the french, and the europens band together to fight for their survival against the Turks or huns, at least that's how it was in theory or in the days when our species formed, and when there is no greater external threat, they fought mostly as individuals for the best reproductive rights and wealth, and that's where traitors can be found, they are operating at this level in times of war or conflict, even if their group perishes. but today we are suicidal. we should act on our instincts, but first we have to have our instincts in alignment, they should not be played against one another, like the instinct for self preservation against the instinct for provision, but this can happen accidentally or for example through brood parasites. our instincts must also be governed by reason, by true reason, not by false reason, so we must question what we know, we must have an evolved, conscious worldview, not controlled by any lobby or power, so we can act correctly and survive and thrive

sometimes it feels that nobody cares, but they do care, they are just confused or terrorized and even if you know things, what can be done? It takes all of one's wits and the price is high, but those who know and yet are unwilling to fight are unworthy of their ancestors. But our ancestors could never have known what earth age we would come to- a very crazy one. there is no karma, you have to fight for what you want

our reason is corrupted, our sources of information are polluted and distorted, we are terrorized by bad but massive social norms (which come from where? Hollywood, the education system, corporate propaganda- i.e. advertizing) -how can this not affect our behavior. I'm often accused of blaming victims but I think I"m more blaming victimizers

anyway bloody nature will win, whoever dies did not deserve life either because they couldn't fight or they were overpowered or outsmarted and if some form of divine justice exists, so much the better. how wonderful that will be. I'm not betting on it but I always thought consciousness was amazing, a little miracle. once you get these barnacle like mind and brain viruses off you, consciousness can be an amazing and glorious thing. they have a way of sticking, they have a way of being peddled
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