war on everything
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07-12-2012, 07:00 AM
war on everything
I was have been listening to the oriely factor this morning{regardless of if you watch fox news or like it} they actually brought up a point thta if true means a heck of a lot. basically they where talking about the war on Christmas and how they're where law suits and different kinds. the fact o the matter is they said that one percent of the population was trying to hijack Christmas. now If i remember right athiesom is about thirty percent of the population. this reminds me of how little christias actually know about atheism. the problem extends to more than this. for example one lady that thought that all conservatives where racist.hat wasn't the most learming thing she said.

now most people now of days seem to think that here opposition is evil and immoral hethians that are out to undermine the rules of salacity and most of them get facts that are ether one side or spin. yes I said it people seem to be deciding things due to facts that are completely spin. so what is the only solution on this. I like to paraphrase zinnia jones.{a youtuber I follow quite much} the more there is a human fact to the person that there less likely to be misunderstandings and even more civil conversation. the thing is we are becoming more detached from listening to people and more attached to listening to people that heard us into l groups based on the our beliefs. what do you think. I think we need to share teh sameball{world} or else we will break it and none of us are getting anything good out of it.

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