was hitler jewish
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24-07-2015, 05:08 PM
RE: was hitler jewish
(24-07-2015 12:04 AM)RocketSurgeon76 Wrote:  Well I went and got curious to know for sure, so I Wiki'ed it.

The English noun irrumatio or irrumation and verb irrumate come from the Latin irrumare, to force one to perform fellatio.[5] J. L. Butrica, in his review of R. W. Hooper's edition of The Priapus Poems,[6] a corpus of poems known as Priapeia in Latin, states that "some Roman sexual practices, like irrumatio, lack simple English equivalents".[7]

As the quotation from Butrica suggests and an article by W. A. Krenkel shows, irrumatio was a distinct sexual practice in ancient Rome.[8][clarification needed][9] J. N. Adams states that "it was a standard joke to speak of irrumatio as a means of silencing someone".[10] Oral sex was considered to be an act of defilement: the mouth had a particularly defined role as the organ of oratory, as in Greece, to participate in the central public sphere, where discursive powers were of great importance. Thus, to penetrate the mouth could be taken to be a sign of massive power differential within a relationship. Erotic art from Pompeii depicts irrumatio along with fututio, fellatio and cunnilingus, and pedicatio or anal sex.[11][better source needed] The extant wall paintings depicting explicit sex often appear to be in bathhouses and brothels, and oral sex was something usually practiced with prostitutes because of their lowly status.

Craig A. Williams argues that irrumatio was regarded as a degrading act, even more so than anal rape.[12] S. Tarkovsky states that, despite being popular, it was thought to be a hostile act, "taken directly from the Greek, whereby the Greek men would have to force the fellatio by violence".[11] Furthermore, as A. Richlin has shown in an article in the Journal of the History of Sexuality, it was also accepted as "oral rape", a punitive act against homosexuality.[13][14] Catullus threatens two friends who have insulted him with both irrumatio and pedicatio in his Carmen 16.

The English noun fellatio comes from fellātus, which in Latin is the past participle of the verb fellāre, meaning to suck. In fellatio the -us is replaced by the -io; the declension stem ends in -ion-, which gives the suffix the form -ion (cf. French fellation). The -io(n) ending is used in English to create nouns from Latin adjectives and it can indicate a state or action wherein the Latin verb is being, or has been, performed.

Further English words have been created based on the same Latin root. A person who performs fellatio upon another may be termed a fellator; because of Latin's gender based declension, this word may be restricted by some English speakers to describing a male. The equivalent term for a female is fellatrix.

Fair play, anyone who goes to that much trouble to research the word 'cocksucker' deserves a standing ovation in my book!

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