what does safe inference have to with intelligence?
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26-05-2016, 06:34 PM
RE: what does safe inference have to with intelligence?
(26-05-2016 06:14 PM)Paleophyte Wrote:  
(26-05-2016 04:58 PM)purpledaisies Wrote:  Thanks I just wanted to make sure. The best part was when his friend posted he got his ass kicked and by a girl. Lmao. I know that the girl part is sexist but it was funny

Sorry I didn't make that more clear. Sometimes when I see something really dumb I just have to tear it apart bit by bit. This was one of those occasions.

It does sound sexist but I can sort of see it. Makes it sound like he just got beaten up by a scrawny six year-old with pigtails.

I'd suggest that you invite him over to TTA (please point him to the creationism forum if you do) but I doubt he'd last as long as the proverbial snowflake in hell if what you've posted is any indication of his talent.

Yep! From the beginning I was able to dismantle what he was saying but when he threw in "safe inference" I had never heard of that before and it threw me off for a bit.

I didn't direct him here. I should have though. Dang missed opportunity!
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