what would your reaction be to this stimuli
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16-02-2016, 03:19 PM
what would your reaction be to this stimuli
Basically i am schizophrenic and ever since I can remember I have heard voice. there is this type of voice I cal the argument happening at the back of my head. I hear as if a microphone had been flipped on an argument between two people but I have only heard one of them.

that voice always says the weirdest things though. like.... you know you look like the kind of guy who brings a pickle to a gun fight."{In which I replied. yeah and a bag of popcorn... why?} 2. you know, a little Lsd make the rice crispies taste like fruity pebbles.

yes I am getting professional help but my question is. how would you react to something like that.

p.s. I generally laugh historically and out of no were.

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