why is it "wrong" to hit a woman?
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05-01-2013, 07:31 PM
RE: why is it "wrong" to hit a woman?
It is wrong to hit a woman (or another man) because hitting results in pain which is a negative experience for the conscious mind.

You could also ask, why is it wrong to go around cutting off peoples ears?
As if any of these questions don't have obvious answers, I often wonder why they are asked at all...

Edit: I don't agree with the posts that use the law as a reason. If the only reason we don't do something is the law, then that's not much better than a christian saying we would all kill eachother without god. This resembles psychopothy, and worries me greatly.

We have evolved with this understanding, it is beneficial to our species as a whole.

2.5 billion seconds total
1.67 billion seconds conscious

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