why was Brigadier General Tolley fired?
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12-04-2013, 05:46 PM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2013 05:50 PM by Heathen.)
RE: why was Brigadier General Tolley fired?
(12-04-2013 08:12 AM)I and I Wrote:  
(11-04-2013 10:11 PM)Heathen Wrote:  I'm a bit of a stickler for accuracy in (at least) the titles of threads and I'm still searching for evidence that he was actually "fired".


I thought you were denying that he ever said those things AND that he wasn't fired.

Do you watch sports?

What reason would you have for thinking any of that? You seem to have a consistent problem with comprehension which makes it difficult to discuss anything with you. Stop trying to read people's minds. It can't be done.

(12-04-2013 08:12 AM)I and I Wrote:  Do you watch sports?


"Which is more likely: that the whole natural order is suspended, or that a jewish minx should tell a lie?"- David Hume
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