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» Reltzik - 16-08-23 11:19 -- Shouldn't race amount be "five hundred meters" or something like that?
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 10:18 -- Thing is, even if they thought it was "race" and not "face" it doesn't just say face. It says Face amount. So they thought it said Race Amount and put "white"???
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 10:17 -- Tongue
» Reltzik - 16-08-23 10:09 -- .... so I guess their policies will pay out in carte blanche?
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 10:08 -- All I can guess is they thought it said Race instead of Face.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 10:07 -- I done seen it all now, to put it in a Southern way: these folks, in the area indicated to list the face amount they want, put "white" Facepalm
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 09:26 -- Oh my god Facepalm So now, dude comes back and says that those two particular apps are in fact real applications. Dodgy The other one I asked him about that was the same situation - legit-looking names and addresses but the agent number came over funky - were indeed test apps. Use a bogus name if it's a test app so we'll know. And don't put TEST in your number area Hobo if it's a real app.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 08:27 -- Indeed Sleepy Tongue
» Reltzik - 16-08-23 08:27 -- "... so, yes they are test apps, and what they are testing is my patience and your ability to respond to questions."
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 08:08 -- Asked an agent if some apps we received from him are test apps because of the way his agent number came through. He responds: Those are apps Facepalm
» Escape Artist - 16-08-23 07:29 -- Thank fuck I get off work early today
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-23 00:05 --
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 19:22 -- Thanks, Reltzik Smile
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 17:12 -- And second, accept the inevitable. We're all going to die. Some of the people we care about are going to die before we do. And before then, there will sometimes be crippling injuries and long hospital sagas and so on. Adjust your expectations accordingly. That won't necessarily make it hurt less, but you will be at less of a loss for how to deal with it, emotionally, and the fear of it coming in the future will be less crippling.
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 17:10 -- The two big things, imo, are, first, to embrace what agency you have and use it fully knowing that it will help some, but never as much as you'd like. But focus on the power you have to change what you can.
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 17:09 -- Well, no matter whether you believe or not you face the same dilemma. There's the stuff you can control, the stuff you can influence but not fully control, and the stuff you can't even influence. Even believers will have a hard time defending that whatever God's doing can't come around and nail us to the floor.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 14:26 -- Losing my dad has been very hard on me. Harder than I think I even will admit to myself.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 14:23 -- nah, it's not irritating - my job gets stressful this time of year as well, and also I am still trying to figure out how to stop worrying so much. As a christian, I hardly ever worried because I felt like things were in God's hands. Not to say I didn't worry at all, but situations that would stress others out didn't bother me so much. Now well, it's just up to me. I have to make sure my kids are provided for, etc. and all that (and more) causes worry and I don't have anything or anyone to "put" that worry on. I don't have that feeling anymore that everything will happen as it should.
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 14:14 -- Put some headphones on and listen to some bliss-out music for a bit while you work? Does your job allow this? ... also, say something if my suggestions are irritating rather than helping.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 13:50 -- And as it always does in response to stress my brain has just absolutely gone blank. Awesome. Now to wallow in more stress and anxiety 'til the day is done with me.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 13:44 -- I am so tired of this. One thing after another.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 13:24 -- stupid stress :/
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 11:47 -- Yeah I'd have to forward them to my home e-mail or something, but a lot of times she may have information buried in the e-mail sthat I need to know before I leave work. But anyway, Rev is teaching me how to give zero fucks and not worry too much about my mom's stuff. Tongue
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 11:37 -- You know, spread the stressful stuff out, avoid letting it hit you with a concentrated dose?
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 11:36 -- Maybe just stick those long emails into a folder and wait to read them until after you're away from the stress of work?
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 11:12 -- Hmm. Methinks the sandals I'm wearing are a smidge too big for me. Shy
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 10:15 -- Yeah, home life is good. Work tends to be where my mom sends me long e-mails that stress me out.
» Reltzik - 16-08-22 09:45 -- It sounds like the problem is that you're surrounded by negatives rather than positives, and that's why you're focussing on the negatives. (At least while you're at work. You never seem to post stuff like this when you're with Rev.)
» Escape Artist - 16-08-22 08:52 -- It is truly a curse. Sleepy Tongue
» Revenant77x - 16-08-22 08:52 -- Well you are cute when you are angry or not... you are just cute