Shout Box
» Revenant77x - 16-11-10 15:45 -- easiest way to get a scientist to post is to get 1 minor detail wrong
» Revenant77x - 16-11-10 15:45 -- Ha he fell into my trap
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 15:35 -- The Jurassic is during the Mesozoic ERA
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 15:34 -- I don't study coprolites or the Jurassic PERIOD
» Revenant77x - 16-11-10 15:03 -- TBD is only interested in talking about bowel movements that happened in the Jurassic Era
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 14:33 -- Sorry. Blush Workplace gripes Hobo
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 14:32 -- That may be enough of the shoutbox for me today...or this century
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 14:27 -- And believe me I don't want people to be flaunting that shit (pardon the expression again) either, but geez is it so much to ask to just get some damn music in there or something? Like at the restaurants?
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 14:26 -- Ugh. Can we please get some light music or something in the bathroom, that way when someone is in the stall next to you taking a shit, they don't frantically unroll toilet paper to try and mask the sound of their pooping? Dodgy This is totally a woman thing, I am sure. Men don't give a shit. Pardon the expression. Tongue
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 14:09 -- Well I ain't too happy with my Dem party right now either. They better put some more Bernie and Warren types in positions to win goddammit
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 16-11-10 14:06 -- We will get through the next few years. Remember, in two years we get to vote again for congress and senate. If enough people are annoyed and hold onto those feels, the dems could take both
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 16-11-10 14:03 -- Hug
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 13:23 -- My stomach has been so tumultuous the last few days that I trumped out of both ends
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 13:20 -- good idea Yes
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 13:18 -- Can we turn words like "Barf" and "disgusting" into Trump? This food tastes like Trump. I need a flamethrower for my tongue to remove the taste!
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 13:11 -- Barf - this person's food smells absolutely disgusting.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 13:07 -- Humanity: I still hate you. We'll keep you updated with the latest as it comes in.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 11:20 -- This is why I drink and why I plan on spending more time in MA to get some weed
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 11:17 -- We are so screwed. Republicans across teh board. Weeping I am depressed all over again.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 11:10 -- I deactivated it because Trump hasn't even started screwing up yet, not really. I know what will happen when I post an article detailing an actual Trump policy failure and I don't want to engage with people who have no interest in discussion and who's only interest is on their selfish and greedy perception of how the world should work. If their attitude is "fuck anyone who isn't looking our for me specifically" then fuck em
» Keen - 16-11-10 11:01 -- It truly is less stressful
» Keen - 16-11-10 11:01 -- I just reactivated mine after deactivating it for months before the election. I may go back to deactive.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 09:51 -- I deactivated my FB and twitter. A significant portion of the voting block are so stupid/greedy/uninformed that having a rational conversation with them is essentially impossible. If they want to have the attitude of "fuck everyone else but me," then fuck em
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:49 -- Of course we're speaking of the voting population.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:49 -- I suppose I should say that a quarter of the nation seems to be looking to the future and looking for progress, another quarter is clinging desperately to the past, and a full half of the nation just doesn't give a fuck. Or else they were unable to get out and vote.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:47 -- I keep seeing a lot of messages on FB and Twitter and the like about how we need to unite through this and not divide but I'm sorry - how can we unite as a nation when the two sides are diametrically opposed to one another? When each side has totally different ideas about the best way to run this country?
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 09:43 -- I am going to be cussing a whole fucking hell of a lot more
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 09:43 -- I realized that I will show Trump and his supporters as much respect as Obama was shown for the last 8 years.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-10 09:42 -- It only took me a few hours after the tallies started coming in!
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:27 -- It took me, what... 10+ years to give up on my ex-husband? How long will it take me to really give up on people as a whole? Consider
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:26 -- See, if you think that people are mostly shitbags, then you can be genuinely surprised and happy when they happen to be good. But when you think like I do that people are generally good, then you are upset when they aren't.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:25 -- grr Dodgy
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:25 -- Bleh. My dad was always helping people even though many of them were shitbags back to him and never helped him out in return. He was generous even when people took advantage of him. I'm not even all that generous, but I do have that stupid notion he did that people are generally good. Thanks, dad. :dodgy
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:18 -- And of course people being all fucking chatty with me today >.< - you're too late, you fucks. I have given up on you. If I'm smart, I will continue to stay "given up on you" and not go back to my stupid notions about people being able to do better and be better.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:00 -- Humanity is a waste of so much potential.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 09:00 -- I'm not even mad at this point. Just very disappointed.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 08:57 -- I may as well give up on my dream that one day humanity will actually spread out among the stars and leave this little rock behind or at least do better by this little rock. But thinking that we either cannot or will not do better is just very fucking depressing. I mean, how many times have I defended humanity when people try to say that (other) animals are better than we are, somehow? I guess I was wrong. Fuck people. And why write, you know? One of my main motivators for writing was to help others maybe feel not so alone or maybe even inspire people but clearly people are fucked and hopeless. So just fuck all of it. Fuck all you stupid ignorant dumbasses that I've held hope for, even as I've spoken badly of you. I thought that maybe for most people, if you can get them to drop their unfounded religious views, that deep down, most everyone is a good person. But fuck me, right?
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 08:49 -- STOP TAKING MY GODDAMN MONEY!!!
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 08:45 -- People being huggy when I hate humanity at the moment >.>
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 08:45 -- ughghghgh Weeping
» Escape Artist - 16-11-10 08:38 -- Yes let's show our appreciation and give money to people who make more money than us :face;alm: