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» jennybee - 16-11-15 11:20 -- I think you can use voice, instant message or video conferencing--just like g. hangouts
» Deesse23 - 16-11-15 11:20 -- howdy folks
» jennybee - 16-11-15 11:19 -- I think it's the same idea with skype tho--you make an account and then contact banjo through his user id
» jennybee - 16-11-15 11:19 -- I use google hangouts because my computer is a chromebook and somehow does not work with skype
» Peebothuhul - 16-11-15 10:50 -- Any one in shout land? Any one know how to set up a Skype chat?
» Peebothuhul - 16-11-15 10:13 -- Hey Banjo! Hope you're doing well. Hope you're reading this
» Peebothuhul - 16-11-15 08:37 -- Hello?
» GenesisNemesis - 16-11-15 00:21 -- hence millenial Tongue
» GenesisNemesis - 16-11-15 00:21 -- I thought it was based on time periods
» Escape Artist - 16-11-14 18:04 -- Yeah I was like... wait wuh? I thought I was a millennial Hobo
» Revenant77x - 16-11-14 16:11 -- well that's wrong
» Escape Artist - 16-11-14 14:10 -- listening to a thing that says millennials are age 18-29??
» Escape Artist - 16-11-14 08:43 -- aaaand here comes work i don't have time for Sad
» GenesisNemesis - 16-11-13 08:19 -- my mother's really sad cause Leon Russell died
» GenesisNemesis - 16-11-11 22:23 -- blagh
» GenesisNemesis - 16-11-11 22:23 -- my legs
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 15:15 -- One hour and 15 minutes left Hobo Sad
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 13:57 -- The Texas voter ID thing here is bs. But at the actual polling location, they were more than fine to us. Was just the elections office that were jerks.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 13:56 -- Yeah, it is amazing how much of a pain in the ass some states make it to vote. Almost as if one of the parties doesn't want people to vote. Dodgy fucking bastards
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 13:54 -- I wonder how many of those who didn't vote just don't care versus the ones who weren't able to vote for some reason or another. Hell, me and Rev had so much trouble getting his voter registration card that someone else might have given up. We ended up having to go to the Elections Office the day of the vote to get his card because for whatever reason they could not get it mailed to us between April and November 8th. And then they were assholes to us when we took the time to drive up there and pick the thing up our damn selves. Hobo
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 13:37 -- Which means we should care about the 6.5% that didn't vote that voted last time, but the full 49% are just a bunch of wankers at this point
» Revenant77x - 16-11-11 13:34 -- 51% of eligible voters is an all time low
» Revenant77x - 16-11-11 13:33 -- 57.5% of eligible voters voted in 2012
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 13:27 -- Yeah, but that 49% never votes for one reason or another. Is it really relevant at this point to have expected them to vote? No, what matters is who did vote and why they voted the way that they did.
» Revenant77x - 16-11-11 13:26 -- well 24% voted for him and 49% couldn't be fuck to bother to keep him out
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 13:19 -- I also feel disconnected from a lot of the people in the US now. How they could rationalize believing in Trump enough to vote for him is astounding. I guess we try to listen to what they are saying to see what the underlying issues are, but it's hard to be empathetic because they just cast a vote that fucks us both but only one of us realizes it
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 13:11 -- Somebody tell me what to do Weeping
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 11:50 -- OMG can the morning drag itself out any longer? Hurry up, lunch. >.<
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:58 -- Yeah I can't even pretend to be nice to my co-worker right now. She voted for Trump. I feel like every other person in this room (as in every second person) voted for him.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:49 -- Either humanity cannot or will not do better. Both are equally heartbreaking.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:49 -- Humanity is potential, utterly wasted.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:48 -- I think the only solace I might be able to take at thi point in our history is that Voyager's golden records might one day be discovered by another civilization. And that they might learn from our failures.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:46 -- Humanity will destroy itself before we can even take the first step toward real progress or venturing out further into our universe. We are, and always will be, apes who have only just recently descended from the trees if we get right down to it. How could i possibly expect most, or even a handful, of my fellow human beings to get much further than being able to stand upright?
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:40 -- I feel so disconnected from the rest of the country right now. Sad
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 10:25 -- I don't know what to do. I want to speak out against these people but I am so scared of confrontation. I'm afraid of negative fallout to my children if people in the community find out that I'm a Gasp progressive and an atheist. But if I keep silent, then maybe they think what they are saying and doing is okay. And it isn't.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:48 -- I'm afraid for minorities - but I guess... lucky me? I'm white so probably will be okay. Again it's the survivor's guilt thing. Why should I be okay just because of something as arbitrary as the pigmentation in my skin? What is wrong with people?
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:46 -- At best, the people who voted for this man zeroed in on the things he said that spoke to them (anti-establishment, etc.) and tuned out all the racist and misogynistic remarks he made. At best, they for once didn't care about the moral fortitude of a candidate above all other factors. At worst, these people are okay with the racism. They're okay with misogyny. They're okay with xenophobia. That is very frightening.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:43 -- I am still just shocked and saddened by Tuesday's results. Not only did we not get the progressive candidate I was hoping for (Benrnie), not only did we not get more of the same (Hillary), we got the worst of the worst of the Republican party. What hurts so much is that I thought, maybe we were finally making social progress. Things could get better, of course, but at least social progress was on the right path. The results were just this blow to the face that really has shaken my faith in the good of people.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:30 -- Part of it is just the fact that, even as a kid, I had questions about our beliefs that weren't really answered satisfactorily. I shoved those questions down during most of my childhood and adolescence, but they could not be squelched forever. Eventually I came back to them.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 09:29 -- shouldn't
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 09:28 -- Who knows what the answer is, but even though you do feel guilty (and I do too sometimes), you have to remind yourself you shouldn
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:28 -- Yeah - I feel badly for a lot of my family.
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 09:28 -- Maybe, like me, you were able to get a perspective they didn't get
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 09:28 -- I got an education that a lot of my friends and family back home will never have access to.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:28 -- Why was I lucky enough to to see through the lies and question these things and eventually break free and they aren't?
» TheBeardedDude - 16-11-11 09:27 -- I feel guilty about a number of things similar to that. I got out of religion, but a lot of my friends didn't and I feel like they are trapped. I got out of my small town and a lot of my family and friends will never escape it or the mentality that goes with it.
» Escape Artist - 16-11-11 09:26 -- I wonder if there is a sort of "survivor's guilt" to becoming an atheist when you come from a religious family. There are so many times I wonder... how did I get out? And why are they still stuck? How is it that my mom can be the kind of person who is distrustful of most people never have questioned any of her pastors over the years? Never questioned her parents or wondered if maybe, just maybe, they were wrong? It angers me and frustrates me. Are they cowards? Are they just not curious enough? What is it that keeps them shackled to these irrational beliefs?