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» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 09:49 -- Well he would last longer in texas than me
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 09:35 -- I want to think they'll really like him once they see he's not my ex and is a good man, despite not being a christian. But I don't want to hope for too much.
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 09:15 -- Well rev can make it
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 09:04 -- Oh yeah, that too Tongue
» Revenant77x - 15-09-01 09:03 -- to the left of Lenin Angel
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 09:00 -- Isn't rev liberal too>
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:55 -- They say they like intelligent folks, but it is not really true. If your intelligence consist of any knowledge against their faith, it's not the right kind of smart.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:54 -- Oh, and he's really smart. They won't like that either.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:53 -- I think that might dash whatever hopes they have left that I will turn back to the faith.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:52 -- Oh and they won't like that he's an atheist.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:52 -- They've talked a lot of shit about my ex dating and so, I worry they will think the same of me. I would rather not hear their disappointment.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:50 -- I don't want to tell my parents about Rev yet (which is not the way I'd like to do it - I'd like to not just have it dropped on them at the last minute) because I pretty well know what they'll say and what their concerns will be. They'll worry that I'm gonna be attracted to the same kind of guy my ex was/is and that I'll have the same problems with Rev as I did my ex. They may fuss because we're gonna be living together rather than getting married. They'll worry for the kids living with a "stranger" (Rev) and will probably disapprove of me "dating so fast" when I had originally said I wasn't going to date for a while (which is true - I did not go looking for a relationship, it just kind of found me).
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 08:48 -- Yeah, I can understand that. I mean I have not even told my dad my plan to move next year instead of 2 years from now
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:42 -- Laugh out load Tongue
» Revenant77x - 15-09-01 08:39 -- ahh childhood
» Revenant77x - 15-09-01 08:39 -- and they will learn this and other valuble lessons working in the salt mines
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:31 -- One of the hardest things as a parent is balancing your own wants and needs with theirs. You want your kids to be happy, but you can't make your whole world about them, because when they get out there as adults, they will find out quick the world doesn't work that way.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:30 -- Yeah, I still live with my parents for now. Gonna move closer to town, and then Rev will move in with us.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:29 -- And my kids are fixing to be with me full-time, which is not exactly what I'd planned for. But if will be better for them, I think. Even though we may run a little tight, money-wise.
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 08:29 -- You are moving?
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:23 -- Yeah, I'm trying to save up as much as I can during this last stretch before I move.
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:23 -- Cool. Smile
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 08:23 -- I need money for japan
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 08:21 -- I am looking for a job at petsmart now
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:20 -- Hello. Smile I forgot Kid is in Scotland. And I think Worom is on vacation, too. Yes
» Metazoa Zeke - 15-09-01 08:20 -- Morning
» Escape Artist - 15-09-01 08:13 -- Crickets