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» Worom - 15-08-26 09:00 -- another example would be Martin Luther King Jr, whos actions lead to the civil rights act and started us down the road to equality, even though there are still problems now he made everyone very aware of the issue
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:58 -- but he didn't start out that way
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:57 -- Well, a president has a lot more power and money than I do
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:56 -- He is also the only if not one of the only presidents who resolved all conflicts without the military ever firing a single shot
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:55 -- during his presidency he also secured a peace deal in the middle east between isreal and egypt and helped end thier conflict
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:55 -- after his presidency he started the Carter foundation, he and his foundation are resposible for the near erradication of the guniea worm a terrible pariste that causes extreme pain
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:54 -- I don't know anything about him, except that he came after Nixon, if even that is right in my memory
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:51 -- what about someone like jimmy carter, his actions have had a direct impact on relieving the suffering of millions
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:49 -- The universe only responds to what we do, not who we are. Those who are able to do what is necessary to get what they want, no matter how reprehensible it is, are the ones who come out on top.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:48 -- It's a nice thought, Worom, but I don't think it's true. It's delusional.
» Worom - 15-08-26 08:48 -- Maybe in the short term EA, but I think those of us that try to be good, and make things better for others are the ones who are remembered
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:46 -- Well, that's how you get things in life. That is how you win at life. Be an ass, be conniving, be a jerk. And it's all gravy. Idiots like me who try toplay by some arbitrary set of rules are losers.
» KidCharlemagne1962 - 15-08-26 08:44 -- He is a piece of filth!
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:42 -- All of it is my fault. For getting with him in the first place. My fucked up personality got me into this mess. This is the price I pay.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:41 -- He's going to be generous enough to drive them out to me each weekend. How kind of him. Right? Isn't he so fucking generous? Not enough to fuck me over for however many years I was stupid enough to be with him.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:37 -- No worries. He's supposedly moving by the end of next month. And then all of this will be over. Why keep fighting the inevitable. He wants to control them - he has some kind of need for it. I have no need to control them.
» KidCharlemagne1962 - 15-08-26 08:28 -- Hey EA Hug
» KidCharlemagne1962 - 15-08-26 08:28 -- Morning my little heathens!
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:22 -- And everywhere, no one cares the fire is spreading. And no one wants to speak about it.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:16 -- Sleeping with a full moon blanket... Saving feathers for my head... and dreams have never been the answer. Dreams have never made my bed
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 08:03 -- EA is gonna get fucked up drunk tonight
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:56 -- Hang my head, drown my fear, 'til you all just disappear...
» Worom - 15-08-26 07:54 -- *hugs EA*
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:53 -- I am not in a good place mentally right now.
» ELK12695 - 15-08-26 07:53 -- take his place
» ELK12695 - 15-08-26 07:53 -- kill god
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:52 -- I should pray about it. Oh dear heavenly father hear my prayer you motherfucking assbag. Hear my prayers in a universe that has no ears with which to hear.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:51 -- Times are gone for honest men, and sometimes far too long for snakes....
» Worom - 15-08-26 07:50 -- Sad I'm Sorry EA that sucks ass, he sounds like the biggest douchebag i've ever heard of
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:47 -- I am in such a daze right now. But being numb is a good thing.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 07:33 -- He's moving out of the counties the kids are supposed to be in according to the decree. He wants the kids to stay with him most of the time, seeing me every weekend. INstead of our one week here, one week there arrangement. I'm not going to agree to that, but he won't agree to them being with me full time. I know that. This'll mean court which means money. Rev and I will never be together at this rate. This is never gong to end. I either give up my kids completely or spend the rest of my life fighting with my worthless ex. Right now I feel like giving up. I just want to go into a dark corner and get drunk. Here's a word of advice: never have children, and if you can manage it, never fall in love. People are only good at hurting one another.
» Worom - 15-08-26 07:29 -- I take it he did something beyond epically shitty?
» Escape Artist - 15-08-26 06:22 -- there are not enough orders of magnitude to describe the douchebaggery of my ex. There just aren't. He's about to see what a bitch I can be.
» Escape Artist - 15-08-25 17:30 -- We do some business with them Yes
» Escape Artist - 15-08-25 17:30 -- Yeah, I meant MetLife - that commercial Smile
» Escape Artist - 15-08-25 17:30 -- Thumbsup
» Worom - 15-08-25 15:57 -- *busyness
» Worom - 15-08-25 15:57 -- Don't worry EA I won't be contributing to your crazy business or pain Smile
» Worom - 15-08-25 15:56 -- if you mean met life the insurance company no
» Escape Artist - 15-08-25 15:39 -- Have you met life? Hobo
» Worom - 15-08-25 15:36 -- yeah end of fiscal year stuff is nasty
» Worom - 15-08-25 15:36 -- lol