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» Lightvader - 15-09-09 13:00 -- then she immediately asks if I accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour
» Worom - 15-09-09 13:00 -- and she goes into some religious tirade?
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 12:59 -- I thought she meant to ask directions or something, so I answers yes
» Worom - 15-09-09 12:58 -- Americans are like a disease sometimes Tongue
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 12:58 -- I was waiting for the bus just now, and this woman asks me if I speak English
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 12:57 -- now we get 'muricans here to do the same?
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 12:56 -- we have enough religious people spreading their crap
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 12:55 -- ok, now ....umm confused
» Worom - 15-09-09 11:41 -- a large chunk of them are in the south and they have the highest rates of teen pregnancy which comes as no surprise at all
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 11:36 -- that is seriously wrong
» Worom - 15-09-09 11:32 -- last count was around 25 states are abstinence only education, the rest have varying degrees of sex ed
» Worom - 15-09-09 11:30 -- not even slat a in slot b
» Worom - 15-09-09 11:30 -- a large portion of the sex ed in the states is abstienence only
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 11:22 -- hmm, I. thought it would be at least sick slot a in slot v, and you can get pregnant
» ClydeLee - 15-09-09 11:11 -- Some states/counties standards for SexEd are literally just saying don't do it till you're married so yes it gets that bad sometimes
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:32 -- are these people trolls our is the American sex ed do bad?
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:31 -- y boyfriend wants to suck on my nipples and kiss them. Is that okay? We don't want to have sex. We're not into it that much. He just wants to suck on my nipples. Can I get pregnant if he does this to me? I'm scared. I don't want to get pregnant. What should I do? Anonymous, U.S.
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:30 -- crap, meant to copy a specify amount, not the whole thing
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:30 -- CanI Get Pregnant If...? The Morning After new! Dec 08, 2010 We get a lot of questions from readers about whether something they did could have gotten them pregnant. Here we'll do our best to answer some of these questions. Note, this is not medical advice. We've tried to err, in our judgments, on the side of caution. (If you disagree with our judgments, use the form below to let us know why.) You, too, should always err on the side of caution when having sex. Better to be safe than sorry. Here are our "Sperm Ratings": It's probably impossible you'll get pregnant Extremely small chance of getting pregnant Small chance but enough to raise some concerns There's some risk here, but it's still probably unlikely There is a real risk of getting pregnant You have reason to be seriouslyconcerned Warning:If you think you may be pregnant, get a home pregnancy test and follow the directions or go to a doctor. If you have had unprotected sex within the past couple of days, and are concerned about becoming pregnant, you can consider emergency contraception (morning after pill). The morning after pill can be purchased onlineand is available at many pharmacies.. I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and I swallowed, then we kissed. About 30 minutes later he ate me out. Could he have had any semen in his mouth that could have impregnated me? Anonymous, U.S. There was a case a couple of years ago where a woman blew a guy, held his sperm in her mouth, spat it out and then used it to inseminate herself. Incredibly, the man was held responsible for paternity and paying child support. So, sperm can survive, at least for a while, in the mouth. However, in your case, I would say the odds are against conception. First of all, you swallowed, so most of the sperm went down to your stomach where it would be digested and destroyed. When you kissed your boyfriend, you might have transferred some semen back to his mouth, but it's not like you were snowballing. Finally, there are digestive enzymes in the mouth that would be working on the sperm and breaking it down, so there's a good chance that after 30 minutes, any surviving swimmers would be knocked out of commission. Sperm Rating: I had anal sex during my period and let the guy ejaculate in me with no condom. Can I get pregnant from this? Emily, PA It is possible to get pregnant through anal sex. First, if his aim is a little off and he bumps your pussy with his boner while he's trying to get it in your butt, sperm from his precum could get in your vagina. Afterwards, some of his ejaculate could have dripped near your vagina when he pulled out. And some of his spunk could ooze out of your asshole and onto your vaginal area. Or maybe you pooped his cum out afterwards. In either case, some viable sperm could get close enough to your vagina to get in, swim up, and impregnate you. The fact that it was during your period makes it less likely, though, that you got pregnant. Wearing a condom during butt sex is always a good idea, not just to protect against STDs, but for birth control. Sperm Rating: My boyfriend wants to suck on my nipples and kiss them. Is that okay? We don't want to have sex. We're not into it that much. He just wants to suck on my nipples. Can I get pregnant if he does this to me? I'm scared. I don't want to get pregnant. What should I do? Anonymous, U.S.
» Worom - 15-09-09 10:21 -- wow just wow
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:10 -- I'm the q&a page
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:09 -- Dear RSA, Can you get AIDS from eating your own cum? Anonymous, U.S.
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:09 -- people are really stupid
» Worom - 15-09-09 10:08 -- I'm sure that wouldn't be difficult given the nature of the internet
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:04 -- I would like to see that once. a woman eating her own puss y
» Worom - 15-09-09 10:03 -- lol
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 10:02 -- oh, I missed something important. it wasn't how to eat pussy, but how to eat your own pussy. it went from slightly interesting to meh
» Worom - 15-09-09 10:02 -- I hate spam
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:54 -- now I must hunt to where I may have publicised my email , because I do not want spam
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:53 -- a how to eat pussy guide
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:48 -- oh , do you know what I found in my inbox today?
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:47 -- hmm, must identify tingly feeling that occurs when I hear someone's anguished screams...
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:43 -- reality checkā„¢ brought to you by LV
» Worom - 15-09-09 09:42 -- NNNNNNOOOOO *cries uncontrollably*
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:42 -- THERE IS NO HAPPY PLACE
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:41 -- haven't you realized yet, worm
» Worom - 15-09-09 09:41 -- *rocks slowly back and forth* Go to my happy place go to my happy place
» Worom - 15-09-09 09:40 -- I'm going to crawl under my desk now and assume the fetal position
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:31 -- step 4: ? ? step 5: profit
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:31 -- step 3: sell stuff.
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:31 -- reparero*
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:30 -- step 2: relate to spell
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:30 -- step one: buy old broken stuff
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:29 -- weasleys*
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:29 -- hey, EA, why were the websites poor?
» Escape Artist - 15-09-09 09:26 -- Worom Hug
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:26 -- that's what she said Big Grin
» Worom - 15-09-09 09:26 -- I hate my job I hate my job, I hate that I don't know how to do my job
» Escape Artist - 15-09-09 09:26 -- hurry and call me back, doctors! Hobo
» Lightvader - 15-09-09 09:25 -- I love writing what if stories about stupid plot holes