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» Escape Artist - 16-10-14 10:33 -- The baby literally does not give a shit about any of this. Hobo
» Escape Artist - 16-10-14 10:33 -- "It's a baby girl... we want pink" But the mother doesn't want pink, so get the fuck over it Facepalm
» Escape Artist - 16-10-14 10:30 -- This baby shower bullshit is gonna be the death of me. >.<
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 15:33 -- I find it so fucking HILARIOUS *heavy sarcasm* that people around here speak so disparagingly of teen mothers when half the fuckers in this state think telling kids to "just say no" to sex and "keeping an eye on their kids" works. Dodgy
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 14:05 -- Crickets
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:30 -- Maybe I am making excuses for myself.
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:30 -- Basically, I didn't follow up on something as thoroughly as I should have, nor as soon as I should have. Said "thing" got messed up by someone in another department but I guess I should have seen something was wrong and questioned the other department person sooner. But it's accounting type junk and that is often confusing.
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:20 -- Where other people can get all frantic if something is on their desk for more than 2 seconds, I am not wigged out by it. So that's one thing. And then there are days where frankly, I just can't get to everything, and what's going to suffer is usually my follow-ups. So I won't follow up on it that often but in my mind, not much time has passed at all, when maybe it has (to other people).
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:19 -- The problem resulted from my inability to follow up on everything, everyday, and also y poor sense of time. Undecided
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:07 -- Not our personal finances.
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 13:07 -- A work thing. Undecided
» Revenant77x - 16-10-13 13:04 -- ?
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 12:58 -- Welp, screwed that shit up, I guess. Stupid money crap. Weeping
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 12:55 -- oye Sad
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 10:25 -- Unless you're just wanting to know about different life insurance products, but even then, my knowledge is limited. We don't do term life insurance, and we don't do annuities. We just do a modified universal life insurance product and a couple different whole life products.
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 10:12 -- Oh I don't know anything about insurance investments, if you're talking like stocks or whatever. I just process the new applications that come in to our company. Smile
» skyking - 16-10-13 09:04 -- so, I was watching an investment show on PBS last night, and they talked about insurance investments. Got any links that really explain that? You can post up in the forum if you'd rather
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 08:25 -- Ah. I mean, it's kind of a pain in the butt for us to correct the really old policies, but it can be done. And better to correct it now while the owner can opt to either pay back premiums and up the premium to what it should have been along along and get the face amount they want or have the option of lowering the face amount to match the premium they're already paying than for their beneficiary to file a death claim only to find out that $50,000 they thought they were going to get is actually only going to be 30-something thousand. Undecided
» skyking - 16-10-13 08:13 -- I had the same thing happen at a doctor's office. way harder to get somebody to correct than seemed appropriate.
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 07:45 -- Moral of the story: Please, people, when you sign up for life insurance, look over the policy contract as soon as you get it in the mail. Agents are not perfect and don't always get the info correct. And we (the life insurance company) have no way of knowing if the date is correct or not. Only you do, so you gotta let us know. Hobo
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 07:43 -- Well, it started out bad, but the guy came around and was nice in the end. He was upset because his wife's insurance policy was issued with an incorrect date of birth. He said the insurance agent should have gotten the information right because he (the policyowner) gave him the right info. But, when we send the policy out to the owner, it is their responsibility to look over the policy and make sure everything is correct. Well, he didn't. So here we are, however many years down the line, and his wife hasn't been paying enough in premium because of that incorrect age in there. So I thought he was gonna argue with me and continue on about it not being his fault but he just said that he didn't look over the fine print, he just assumed everything was correct on the policy, he didn't know anyone who really looked at fine print, but still he said it was not just the agent's error, it was his as well.
» skyking - 16-10-13 07:31 -- bad call?
» Escape Artist - 16-10-13 07:21 -- Really? Is this really the first call I'm gonna get today? Sad
» Escape Artist - 16-10-11 14:59 -- Sleepy Zzz
» Escape Artist - 16-10-11 12:48 -- I just looooove when people push work off onto me. Facepalm
» Escape Artist - 16-10-11 12:38 -- No, I do not want to buy your pies. >.< Dang people selling stuff at work. They done put a flyer up on our in-company internet bulletin board thingy, sent a personal message to everyone in the department, and now they put an info sheet in our inboxes. >.>
» Escape Artist - 16-10-11 12:32 -- Why does everybody hate the drink they give you when you take a glucose test? It just tastes like orange soda. I thought it tasted good, honestly. Hobo