Shout Box
» Ferdinand - 16-09-16 21:18 -- hey ferdinand how's it goin?
» Reltzik - 16-09-16 13:58 -- Or, if you can't find someone on Vent, TTA shouting.
» GenesisNemesis - 16-09-15 23:41 -- Venting can be good
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 16:21 -- I maintain that talking to myself is good because, well, all writers talk to themselves. Tongue
» Commonsensei - 16-09-15 16:14 -- It's ok. I do the same thing. (Most intelligent conversation i get all day.)
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 15:51 -- Okay yes I was talking to myself Blush
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 15:48 -- Uh... no? Angel
» TheGulegon - 16-09-15 15:32 -- Hug
» Commonsensei - 16-09-15 15:32 -- EA are you talking to yourself?
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 14:55 -- depressed as fuck Weeping
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 14:08 -- That retirement announce just fucked me up. My dad talked a lot about retirement before he died. He wasn't even quite 60 yte but he was ready to retire. 'Cause he'd worked his ass of for so many years. Hearing the CEO's plans of spending time with family more after his retirement just upset me. My dad never got to and never will get to do that. All those years of work and what did he see for it.
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 14:01 -- my brain is so fucking screwed up today
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 13:02 -- I'm ready to just go on home now Sad
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:53 -- One nice thing, though - this is my 10th year at the company. They'll recognize milestone years like that at the Christmas party, so our current CEO will hand my gift/award to me for that. That'll be nice.
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:44 -- And now I'm crying. Or rather, trying to recover from a crying spell. What a day. Undecided
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:35 -- Women are difficult to get rid of in one's life. We hang on 'til the bitter end. Tongue
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:33 -- The mood in the office feels... somber. Heavy. Undecided
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:31 -- Bleh. Now I'm thinking about the Vice President we lost, the one who reminded me of my dad. And how our CEO teared and got hoarse when he mentioned the VP's name at a later company party. Then I think of my dad. Less than a month and he'll have been gone a year. It feels impossible.
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:29 -- Maybe it's just a part of getting older. Sadcryface
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 12:28 -- Why am I losing so many men that I like and admire or respect or whatever lately? Sad Our CEO is going to retire at the end of the year. He's this very personable and charismatic guy. When our company was acquired by another company almost 10 years ago, he stuck it out with us and helped me feel a little better about the whole thing because he reassured us everything would be okay. Gonna miss him. Worrie dfor the future of the company. My job security, etc. All my security blankets are being taken away.
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 10:44 -- starving Hobo - ready for lunch
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 09:24 -- Got a driver's ed packet ordered for my daughter. God help me. Hobo Wait... God? Oh shit. I'm screwed, arent I? Tongue
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 08:25 -- Dear god my mind is wandering Hobo
» Escape Artist - 16-09-15 08:25 -- EA's style today is called "I am nothing if not a product of my time" - black leggings reminiscent of the 80's and a t-shirt tied at the corner that just screams 90's. She looks either cute or weird, she is not sure which, but if her 15 year old daughter said the outfit was cute, well... that'll have to do. Cool Tongue