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» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:06 -- Good word, Rev. Overstated.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:05 -- I think it was more "Overstated" than false
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:05 -- The research I'm talking about was a few years ago.... 2012, maybe?
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 14:05 -- I graduated high school in 2002 and I don't work in education so I am just remembering from when I was in school.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:05 -- It's been a while since I saw that research, EA, and I don't know how things have advanced since then. I've mentally filed it in the "dubious" folder.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:05 -- Compared to schools where the majority of high school seniors can't even read at a functional level
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:04 -- I recieved University level education all throughout my High school years
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:04 -- EXACTLY. And it was deliberately mischaracterized so a maximum number of people wouldn't understand it. By.... drumroll... the religious right. (And definitely yes to the disparity.)
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 14:04 -- So you are saying that the learning styles thing is bunk?
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:03 -- Common Core is a whipping boy by people that don't understand it
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:02 -- I went to one of the better High Schools in one of the better education States
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:02 -- Look how common core played out.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:02 -- But there is such a disparity between the best US public schools and the worst
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:01 -- So far in most places where that has happened the offending parties are removed from office on first chance
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:00 -- Good luck, when the religitards have at least sabotage-power over the national standards.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 14:00 -- Yeah there have been some education reforms that have improved things. Really what we need to do is set national standards not allow some religitard to hijack a local school board and destroy the education of hundreds of kids
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 14:00 -- I think a huge problem is how the curriculuum and teaching methods are decided in the first place. Not just what they should be, but how we decide what they should be. It's heavilly based on fads, populist reactions to out-of-context news stories, and politics... mostly the politics of trying to cut funding while still having the best quality evah.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:58 -- Research is also undermining the model of learning styles, but I don't think it hurts. And we've been moving away from memorize and regurgitate for a while... or at least trying to. Kinda.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:56 -- *catching up* I was about to argue until you said "homework is watch the video lesson". Agreed there... though maybe add a few long-term projects.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:53 -- Yeah moving into a style of education that focuses on how and why things work and away from what and when
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:52 -- Also we need to move away from the memorise and regurgitate style of education. That was useful for a population larging going into unskilled repetitive factory work not so much a world that any fact is a simple google search away
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-26 13:52 -- I think there could be exercises using Carl Sagan's baloney detection kit, for example, there could be various statements, and students would have to analyze those statements, there would be questions such as "is this statement fact-based, or mere speculation?"
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:51 -- those do nothing to teach children how to survive in the real world
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:50 -- elimination of standardised testing is also a good starting point
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 13:49 -- Oh he ninja'd me Tongue
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 13:49 -- Well if Rev is around, hopefully he can answer. He'd have to refresh my memory. Tongue I remember one of the things we talked about was how in Sweden I think it was, you watch your lecture online at home and then classtime is reserved for doing your actual work so that you have the teacher there to help. I like that a lot. As for something just I would like to see, I'd like to see curriculum adapted to each student's learning style. There is not much help for kinesthetic learners these days, I don't think.
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:48 -- so kids having difficulty with the work have a teacher to assist rather than them being lost on their own
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-26 13:48 -- well I think we need more people going around asking questions in a non-confrontational manner, confrontation has its place, but when it comes to propagating a more positive perspective of critical thinking, I don't think confrontation is the way to go
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:48 -- or possibly have homework to be watch a video on the lesson then spend classtime with the teacher doing the actual work
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:47 -- studies seem to suggest it does no good
» Revenant77x - 16-08-26 13:47 -- No Homework
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:40 -- What other ideas are on that list you two have?
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:40 -- It's not an age thing.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:40 -- Well, yes we're young, but public primary and secondary education is even younger.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 13:37 -- Mmhmm. America is young - I often wonder why we don't look at countries who've been doing this shit a lot longer than we have and copy their successful programs.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:35 -- Yeah, that's probably Item 1 on my list: Copy the successful schools overseas. Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 13:33 -- Rev and I have had talks about education before - interesting discussions. He had some good ideas about how to improve things - I think a lot of it were things that schools over in Europe do.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:28 -- Oh, and in my experience, speech-giving is a lot easier if you have a bunch of spotlights making it impossible to see the audience.
» Reltzik - 16-08-26 13:27 -- I've been playing in my head about how to do real education reform.... and by reform I mean "significant improvement".
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 13:07 -- yeah I've got some of that too, though when I gave my speech at my high school graduation (let's not talk about how long ago that was Tongue ) I was surprisingly calm. Turns out that if I have a script and can talk in an environment where I'm not having to talk over or interject then I do okay. Smile I have trouble interrupting or cutting into conversations
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-26 12:57 -- + social anxiety
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-26 12:57 -- I'd love to teach that stuff but I'd have to practice public speaking a bunch, I'm naturally quiet
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 12:27 -- But who knows. If they hang around me and Revs long enough maybe our critical thinking skills will rub off on them. Smile
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 12:27 -- My kids are, unfortunately, getting a Texas "education" Hobo
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 12:26 -- yep Yes
» GenesisNemesis - 16-08-26 11:49 -- I think it comes down to, we need huge education reform so that critical thinking is taught
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 09:55 -- I've probably opened up a whole can of worms just by putting my thoughts here. Tongue Whoops. Undecided
» Escape Artist - 16-08-26 09:52 -- But all the anger about these issues is, I think, positive in a way. Heterosexuals are feeling oppressed because homosexuals and other LGBTQ folks are gaining rights and are speaking out. Men are feeling oppressed because women are speaking out and demanding to be heard. Whites are feeling oppressed because the black community is demanding reform and justice, etc. So progress must be being made or else we wouldn't be seeing all this anger, I don't think. Same with Christians feeling oppressed because other religions (and the non-religious) are making their voices heard and demanding equal treatment.