Yeah I'm writing a book.
He's writing a book!? RUN FOR THE HILLS! 17.39%
Atheist, FSM_scot, houseofcantor, morondog
4 17.39%
I do not have the netal fortitude to read this book. 0%
0 0%
I will not be a part of this heresy. 4.35%
1 4.35%
Sure I'll help. 47.83%
aurora, Azaraith, GirlyMan, kim, Kinger, Leerob, lucradis, Saimmaq, Smooshmonster, Treasure, wellspringofderision
11 47.83%
How dare you try to hire us as slave labour! 21.74%
germanyt, Logisch, Mr Woof, Mr.Beer, nach_in
5 21.74%
I will help if I can be in it. 8.70%
Altemark, Hamata k
2 8.70%
Total: 23 votes 100%