What do you think the object was?
Something you know (please explain) 4.00%
1 4.00%
Impossible to tell, due to vague description. 24.00%
Atothetheist, bemore, Chaos' Requiem, FSM_scot, kim, Red Celt
6 24.00%
Could be anything, there's a plenty of things in the sky like that. 68.00%
aurora, Chaos, ClydeLee, Filox, frankiej, fstratzero, ghostexorcist, kingschosen, Logica Humano, nach_in, Near, PeacefulSkeptic, roadrunner, scientician, SlipStitch, Spoon3r, Vosur
17 68.00%
Extraterrestrials. 0%
0 0%
These choices are a fallacy of false dichotomy. 4.00%
1 4.00%
Total: 25 votes 100%