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» Gwaithmir - 18-07-20 19:26 -- Who is Will.I.Am?
» Leerob - 18-07-20 16:42 -- Will.I.Am is cute af and if you disagree, what's wrong with you...
» Gwaithmir - 18-07-17 20:14 -- Now what? Huh
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 18-07-17 17:15 -- Fuck all my devices are all updating at once. I’m bored
» JesseB - 18-07-12 06:14 -- also @dancesfortwo, this is a late response but I"M ON TO YOU! Trying to kill me by getting a diabetic to eat sugar...... >.< ...... BAD!
» JesseB - 18-07-12 06:14 -- Hello o/ I actually logged in again! Sorry been kinda..... well tbh down and not feeling up to visiting but I'm ok and feeling a bit better. Glad to see everyone is up to plenty of shinnaagins!
» Filox - 18-07-11 17:26 -- CROATIA - ENGLAND 2:1 Tongue
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 18-07-10 14:54 -- I'm bored. I need quality entertainment
» dancefortwo - 18-07-07 10:37 -- Hey JesseB, try a spoon full of sugar for your hiccups.
» GenesisNemesis - 18-07-02 01:09 -- @Leerob in the same boat, but I'm waiting till xmas to get mine
» Leerob - 18-07-01 17:29 -- Who wants to buy me a new computer?
» Gwaithmir - 18-06-24 21:17 -- Lunch and Mahjong at Mom's tomorrow. Smile
» Kaneda - 18-06-22 16:48 -- Uggh, I feel like I’ve literally been stabbed in the back right now.
» Kaneda - 18-06-21 14:01 -- Solstice.
» Leerob - 18-06-11 11:31 -- Gotta like my doctor. Evaluating my lung infection like this "I think it's viral but if you start coughing up green stuff..."
» JesseB - 18-06-06 22:51 -- >.> I recorded an entire minute of my hiccups and sent the audio to Leerob...... Perhaps this is why I have no friends......... (To be fair FB wouldn't let me record an hour of hiccups or I would have)
» JesseB - 18-06-06 22:47 -- Hour 9 of the case of the hiccups which will never end.......First the dog got annoyed and left the room, and now the cat has dissipated too...... Perhaps these hiccups require more drastic measures to cure.......
» JesseB - 18-06-06 22:45 -- Kaneda, I've lived alone since I was what 16? 17? There was that dream like 7 years where I was married in my 20's but yea. I live in almost total isolation from humans.... Couldn't you guess that from my shit attitude? lol Just me dog n cat, but they dont' really talk much. When they do I start thinking I'm crazy >.>
» Kaneda - 18-06-04 12:40 -- You live alone, Jesse?
» JesseB - 18-06-03 02:39 -- I don't want to be alone.
» onlinebiker - 18-06-02 13:28 -- ICU!
» WhiskeyDebates - 18-05-25 21:18 -- Well I guess that DOES explain the totalitarian government. Thanks Kaneda!
» Kaneda - 18-05-25 15:16 -- UK weather forecast: Bank Holiday scorcher to make way for MONSOON deluge and BOILING heat
» WhiskeyDebates - 18-05-25 14:28 -- What the actual fuck is going on in the UK today....
» JesseB - 18-05-15 22:51 -- My cat is telling me I should play video games I think.... She's sitting on the mouse pad so close I can't move the mouse.
» JesseB - 18-05-07 01:12 -- Meh, I'll just have to stop for now, I mean this is like the 3rd time I've seen it now >.>
» JesseB - 18-05-07 01:11 -- I started watching My Hero Academia From episode 1. LOVE THIS SHOW! ....but now I've almost used up my entire months data cap.... And it's not even been a week.... Sad
» JesseB - 18-05-04 15:24 -- Hey thanks Kaneda
» Kaneda - 18-05-04 14:04 -- I should have a thread started by the end of the day. There are a lot of good points raised in the feed that I think I want to incorporate into a longer discussion.
» Kaneda - 18-05-04 14:02 -- @JesseB *Come here you!* I just wanted to say I really dig how candid and to the point you’ve been on the heavy subjects lately. You keep speaking the truth, even if we don’t agree on all the details.
» JesseB - 18-05-04 13:28 -- Unless people start pulling their heads out of their asses anyway lol. I don't think it's helpful to have pie in the sky moral standards that we should be expecting ourselves and eachother to meet, if that makes sense. Like it's one thing to strive to be better. It's an entirely different thing to condemn ourselves and eachother because we're not perfect.....
» JesseB - 18-05-04 13:26 -- Meh, I don't disagree with you grasshopper, how do I put it.... If we go extinct that's it. So any moral high ground ideal becomes kinda a moot point. However by doing all we can to ensure the survival of our species we give our species a chance at one day figuring this shit out. That said... It probably doesn't matter I mean pretty soon we'll be living like panda bears and flat out refusing to fuck because we've grown so sick of eachothers bullshit. So long before climate change will kill us we'll commit suicide anyway
» Grasshopper - 18-05-04 13:15 -- I'm skeptical that colonizing other worlds is a good response to our inability to properly manage this one. If a guy keeps maxing out his credit card, giving him another one isn't the right solution.
» JesseB - 18-05-03 19:38 -- @Kaneda that's what I was saying, that's Musk's Goal. It's not the most realistic goal but one he's said he's committed to regardless. That's basically exactly what I was referring too.
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 18-05-03 10:40 -- I dunno @Kaneda, like I said you might want to take this to a real thread. I do know that we got a lot more from our early space program than disposable diapers and Tang. The technology developed to move a million people to colonize another planet like Mars would certainly have huge benefits to our own planet.
» Kaneda - 18-05-03 00:00 -- I dunno man, if the end goal of all this is simply to protect life on Earth by easing the burden of overpopulation we're suffering right now, sending a paltry 1 million émigrés to Mars seems really impractical. Unless you're talking about becoming an interplanetary species to hedge our bets in case the Earth was rendered uninhabitable within the next several decades? That would be more in-keeping with Musk's manifesto.
» JesseB - 18-05-02 23:35 -- To be blunt, it is possible for a species to breed itself into extinction and the human species, while having been clever at avoiding this so far is pushing the limits so far that the species is basically playing Russian roulette It's not a question of if. It's a question of when.
» JesseB - 18-05-02 23:33 -- @Kaneda while I kinda agree with you, if life on earth is going to survive we're either gonna have to start getting ok with the idea of genocide or we need to start stuffing all the extra people on an other planet..... I think that's why he's pushing shit so far.
» Kaneda - 18-05-02 23:14 -- That being said, I'm sure I'm not alone in the belief that the CEO might be overselling his abilities a little bit. Didn't Musk go on the record saying that a Martian outpost with a million inhabitants was achievable within 50 years? I find that to be a really big stretch of the imagination, considering Mars' inhospitable climate, lack of breathable atmosphere, untenable soil, greatly reduced gravity, and absence of any kind of biodiversity. How any sizeable population can be sustained without massive imports and continued subsidies from Earth - which, as you know, isn't itself doing so hot itself right now - I have no real idea.
» Kaneda - 18-05-02 23:01 -- Yeah, I'm down to start a thread. Just wanted to preface this by saying I recognize SpaceX, has made some great strides in recent years with regards to propulsion and sustainability. If any company has a greater claim to being the first to build an outpost on Mars, I'd be hard pressed to name them.
» JesseB - 18-05-02 22:19 -- Prolly not a bad idea mom. I like Elon n all, but I'm not sure if I would participate beyond what I've said here cause.... Any topic involving him tends to get pretty polarized pretty fast. And I already said what I think. I like the guy but I don't worship him. And the guy does make mistakes sometimes.
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 18-05-02 08:40 -- Maybe you should start a thread @Kaneda, because I'm curious about this.
» JesseB - 18-05-01 15:53 -- I mean the dude can't exactly alter the physics involved, so some people think his ideas are just flat out impossible, but he kinda tries to rely on creative workarounds where the limitations of the universe we live in would otherwise prevent his ideas from solidifying. Tricky business that.
» JesseB - 18-05-01 15:51 -- @Kaneda you mean like selling people on ideas that aren't really finished being developed? As a result the finished product may look nothing like the initial hype?
» Kaneda - 18-04-30 19:11 -- Didn’t mean to sound flippantly dismissive of the dude either. Tesla and SpaceX have got a lot of redeeming things coming up the pipeline. There’s just a lot of things about their business model and cultivated image that I’m not fully on board with.
» Kaneda - 18-04-30 19:05 -- @JesseB, Momsurroundedbyboys; I have a bit more to say on the matter, but I’ve been a little preoccupied lately and away from the computer.
» JesseB - 18-04-30 10:47 -- My kitty is hiding under my chair, purring like an angel..... And gnawing on my toes..... OUCH Kitty!
» Momsurroundedbyboys - 18-04-29 17:47 -- @Kaneda That doesn't really explain much. Smile
» JesseB - 18-04-28 17:16 -- lol Kaneda, meh he's polarizing I suppose. People tend to love him or hate him. I think he's cool, he's not always right but he has ideas I'd like to see worked on for sure. I think some people assume he claims to have all the details worked out when he usually doesn't. The stuff he works on are projects that have no current answers yet and require some creativity to come to an answer. He's a showman for sure though and prone to oversell the products ability. Don't see this as a bad thing really, but it is a thing.
» Kaneda - 18-04-28 17:08 -- *braces for ensuing boos and rotten tomatoes*