If you’ve pre-ordered my new book, "Sacred Cows," the production process has been slower than expected, and as a result, the signed/personalized books will be shipped sometime in June. My deepest apologies for the delay. If you’ve pre-ordered a signed book and don’t wish to wait the extra weeks, please contact me via this site, and I’ll immediately process a refund. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support on this project.

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Assume Nothing. Question Everything. Challenge the Opposition. And Start Thinking.
Assume Nothing. Question Everything. Challenge the Opposition. And Start Thinking.
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  Unholy Trinity Down Under: Q&A Brisbane

Apr 17, 2015 7:45 AM

In March of 2015, the Atheist Foundation of Australia hosted atheist activists Matt Dillahunty, Aron Ra and Seth Andrews (under the tongue-in-cheek tour title, "The Unholy Trinity Down Under"). This is the audience Q&A session from Brisbane on Marc... Open in YouTube

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