The Great Courses

DPR Jones, Cristina Rad and Thunderf00t

Apr 10, 2012 6:00 PM   |   Education   |   Listen on Blog Talk Radio   | Download this episode

To help raise awareness (and donations) for The Thinking Atheist Charity campaign, three popular YouTube personalities spend time in conversation with Seth.  Topics include the atheist movement, the banning of faith-healing televangelists, homeopathy, the merits of re-branding the (toxic?) atheist label and much more. DPR Jones Cristina Rad (ZOMGitsCriss) Thunderf00t As you enjoy the show, please consider supporting one (or both) of the 2 secular charities listed here with a donation. Charity Water - Responsible Charity - It's a great occasion to do some good...without God. 

The Phil Ferguson Show | 1 Part Finance. 2 Parts Atheism. Shaken, Not Stirred.


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