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God's Not Dead: The Christian Persecution Complex

Apr 2, 2016 9:00 AM   |   Education   |   Listen on Blog Talk Radio   | Download this episode

"God's Not Dead" is a film produced by PureFlix which released in 2014.  With a budget of only $2 million, GnD grossed over $60 million.  It's not hard to see why a sequel film has just been introduced to theaters. The premises of both films are essentially the same.  Christianity is under attack in the United States, and brave God Warriors must stand up against the evil atheists to defend their faith and their savior.   Are these movies rooted in any shade of reality?  And how do they speak to another, larger phenemenon within many religious cultures: the manufacturing of martyrdom? Seth Andrews shares a recent article by (former Christian) Neil Carter, as we examine the Christian Persecution Complex. YOUTUBE VIDEO "Gods Not Dead (Again!): Neil Carter's article, "Persecute Me, Please: God's Not Dead 2 and the Evangelical Lust for Victimhood:"

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