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Islam and Women

Mar 5, 2013 6:00 PM   |   Education   |   Listen on Blog Talk Radio   | Download this episode

  What does the Qur'an say about women?  Why do we so often see news reports of females oppressed by Islamic regimes, and are those stories representative of the Muslim religion?  What is the reality for the woman born and raised in a devoutly Islamic culture? Special guest Maryam Namazie is the spokesperson for Equal Rights Now, One Law for All, a campaign against Sharia Law in Britain.  She founded Iran Solidarity and works closely with the International Committee Against Stoning.  She was also selected one of the top 45 women of the year by Elle Magazine Quebec 2007, "Iranian of the Year" by in 1997-98 and received the Julie B. Friedman Humanitarian Award in 1987.   In this compelling discussion, Maryam and others lend their perspectives on the subject of Islam and Women. VIDEO LINKS:   Christopher Hitchens on Q&A:   Christopher Hitchens/John Lennox:   WAFA SULTAN:  WOMEN IN Islam:  CFI’s Women in Secularism Conference 2012    

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