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The Atheist Funeral

Sep 18, 2012 6:00 PM   |   Education   |   Listen on Blog Talk Radio   | Download this episode

Religious funerals are almost always filled with reverent, lofty sermons and messages about a reunion of loved ones in Paradise. But what about those who are non-believers?  How does the atheist or agnostic wish to be memorialized?  What kind of ceremony or service would he/she want?  What are the attributes of some atheist funerals you've attended?  Or do you want a funeral at all? We'll talk about funerals, but expect this show to be more than a heavy-handed downer.  In fact, odds are that you'll find this to be a show about celebrating life, giving comfort and having an existence worth remembering. Your calls and emails (keep emails brief and send to ARTICLE"You Want a Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral"

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